Lada Racing Club (2006)

Type : Course

Développeur: Geleos Media

Editeur: Noviy Disk

Plateformes: PC

Véhicules endommageables: Oui


  • Véhicules Jouables

    1996 Lada 110
    2000 Lada 112
    2003 Lada Revolution
    2005 VAZ 2105 Lada
    VAZ 2108 Samara
    1992 VAZ 21099 Samara

    Véhicules Non Jouables

    2003 Audi A8
    Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse


    Auteur Message

    RU Belich

    2020-03-02 19:43
    The "Russian NFS" that many people were waiting for was a terrible disappointment.The site still doesn't have all the cars from the game and I can guess why.I couldn't even install this game and had to reinstall Windows due to driver conflicts. Ha ha,very funny...

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