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Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Racing, 2008

Developer: Rockstar San Diego

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them

PS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Star Wars Fanatic , sajmon14 , Attacker1997

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8.33/10 (9 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
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8.33/10 (9 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
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7/10 (8 votes)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
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5.89/10 (9 votes)
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PlayabilityYour Vote :
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7.56/10 (9 votes)
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6.67/10 (9 votes)
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6.78/10 (9 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
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7/10 (9 votes)
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7.78/10 (9 votes)
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Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2007-09-03 00:56

Tantilising new entry in the Midnight Club series that will run on the new RAGE engine that will also be found in the now delayed Grand Theft Auto 4. The graphics look simply delicious, so the thought of Grand Theft Auto 4 looking just as tasty is truly encouraging, and I hope the game delivers. It is set for release in 2008, but whether it turns up before Grand Theft Auto 4 remains to be seen.

-- Last edit: 2007-09-03 00:57:33

Venomous Mink

2008-10-01 04:06

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!!!!

-- Last edit: 2008-10-01 04:09:39

Venomous Mink

2008-10-01 04:13

It should come out October 2008. As you can tell, I'm really excited.

takumi FR (391)

2008-10-27 10:56

je vais essayé de vous avoir les voitures pour midnight club l.a remix sur psp =)

Venomous Mink

2008-11-23 21:24

Where's the GNX? :??:

CrazyCars EN (13)

2008-12-31 17:39

I've got this - it's not brilliant, but the police chases are great :D

If you pull over for the cops, it switches to the police car dash cam, and you can zoom of anytime you like!

ShantJ US (9)

2009-01-01 01:37

The GNX is missing, as are the background GMCs.

kalu FR (0)

2009-01-03 18:42

ce jeu est vraiment excellent,le tuning est parfois un peu jacky mais y a moyen de faire de très belles caisses,juste dégouté pour un point :pourquoi la chevelle du trafic n'a t-elle pas été intégrée ? :(

takumi FR (391)

2009-01-10 23:54

la chevelle du trafic sera disponible dans un pack prochain avec une buick riviera 66 entre autre

Neon IT (26)

2009-02-25 15:36

Very nice images ;)


2009-02-26 18:54

These are REALLY nice images! :king:

Medic85 SE (0)

2009-03-05 22:17

I can´t find the Chevelle, Bel Air, Impala, Riviera or the Range Rover or the CLK 63 AMG or the GTO to the PS3 version? Does anyone know how to download them?


2009-03-07 15:18

VERY Original remark.

-- Last edit: 2009-03-07 15:18:47


2009-03-21 02:11

This game seems very cool! :sun:


2009-09-10 23:03

After I went to LA I played this and couldn't believe how accurately it represented LA

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-09-17 19:38

This is IGCD's Game of the year 2009! and I agree.


2009-12-20 07:55

What's The Different Of Remix & Non-Remix ?

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-12-20 12:58

Remix is the PSP version and Non remix is the console version :)

sajmon14 PL (232)

2011-03-01 21:39

Here is my gallery, I'll try upload more cars than pics of glitches :P

MartinBond NL (11)

2011-03-01 22:07

Some nice pictures :lol:

Here's some of mine:

Takumi FR (391)

2011-03-01 23:55

Martin bond the only pics need to replace its the audi R8

Takumi FR (391)

2011-03-02 00:00

Pics from SWF is very good, i don(t want replace her pics, only the R8 sorry

MartinBond NL (11)

2011-03-02 00:34

I only tried to make the game look more high-quality, but hey, it's your choice....
It's just that is's such a pain in the a**e to se half of the cars with scratches, loose bumpers etc. half of the cars look like they've been uploaded in 10 seconds, this game deserves better, this síte deserves better...

BTW, Funny "coincidence", how every time I have a better pic of a car uploaded by a mod or admin, they get thrown away....

Takumi FR (391)

2011-03-02 00:37

some pics for cars easy to identified or licensied are made for the fun !!!!

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2011-03-02 01:42

I can tell you I spent more than "10 seconds" compiling the right angles for those shots ;)

It's good though that you care about the quality of pictures and it's definitely something I want to see encouraged on the site. But I honestly think you're over exaggerating the ratio of damaged shots - and they don't have to be absolutely 100% pristine to qualify as a screenshot.

-- Last edit: 2011-03-02 02:03:59

Antti-san FI (38)

2011-03-02 01:51

Come on now, don't fight! :cry:

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2011-03-03 06:51

In my opinion, I prefer pictures of cars in mint condition to beat-up overturned clunkers (which sometimes can be the case). Sometimes it can be harder to id a car if it's damaged, and is also it's not a very good source of reference. One game-page which I can refer to in this case is the page of Driver: PL - I'd really like to see all the pictures of the damaged cars replaced with ones of cars in mint condition, also some extra photos of the car from different angles would be good, too. And one can always post thumbnails of the car damaged, showcasing the damage so you can compare it to the main shot. Sorry for being too opinionated.

Antti-san FI (38)

2011-03-05 16:44

I recently bought this again - very good game, the best in the series IMO. But too bad you can't install rollcages to the cars... :think:

LosCarnalesCars US (0)

2011-10-26 18:34

i think the Cars for Midnight Club 3 were better but most if the modifications are better on MCLA (Chop Top on MC3 is Awesome) i HOPE theres gonna be a Another one with Characteristics from all of the MCs like on MC Street Racing there was the differ types like Taxi, Super Taxi & Digger Taxi. on MC2 there was a good amount of cars and a good open area. MC3 the Cars were better and more Realistic. MC4(MCLA) the cars were updated a little more but the vehicles were a little worse. Hopefully there will be a MC5 there was the Remixes but WOW not much defferent just hope that all MC Combind in a way to make MC5

ShantJ US (9)

2011-10-28 06:33

Wasn't there a Bel Air added as DLC?


2011-10-28 21:39

ShantJ wrote Wasn't there a Bel Air added as DLC?

According to the official site, a 1955 model.

Probably refers to this:

SizSkiizd says the game calls it a Bel Air, but it's really a Two-Ten.


2011-10-29 08:56

There's like 500 police cars tailgating the suspect.

Code 0 - No Police, EMS or Fire Situation

Code 1 - Roadblock

Code 2 - Rolling RoadBlock

Code 3 - High Speed Pursuit

Code 4 - Boxing In

Code 5 - PIT Manuever

10-33 - Vehicle Down

10-23 - Officer Down

10-32 - Wanted Suspect

10-42 - Traffic Accident

10-54 - Ambulance Needed

10-50 - Hit And Run

10-20 - My Location Is...

10-06 - Responding From A Distance

10-67 - Set Up Spike Strips

10-44 - Request A K-9 Unit

10-45 - Ram The Suspect

10-04 - Messege Recived And Understood

10-99 - Oficer Needs Help

10-07 - Officer Needs Back Up

10-83 - Lost The Suspect

10-84 - Looking For Suspect

10-66 - Set Up Quadrent

0 point violation = 100% (A+)

1/2 point violation = 95% (A)

1/4 point violation = 90% (A-)

1 point violation = 85% (B)

2 point violation = 75% (C)

3 point violation = 65% (D)

4 point violation = 55% (F)

5 point violation = 45% (F)

6 point violation = 40% + jail time (F)

7 point violation = 35% + jail time (F)

8 point violation = 25% + jail time (F)

9 point violation = 15% + jail time(F)

10 point violation = 10% + jail time(F)

11 point violation = 5% + prison time (F)

12 point violation and above = 0% + prison time (F)

Yeah, it was all over the allies, schools, residential, businesses, freeways, highways, and damaging other people's property. This motorcycle is so aggressive, driving vehicles that are playable, unlockable, downloadable, based on CGI cutscene and not driving unplayable. Player was driving like it's a NASCAR race and/or a video game.

There was actually an all police code chase, not just from code 1 through 10-99. He is now becoming a citizen after leaving the store/restaurant, driving away, running into people, driving through red lights, destruction on property, went back to those pedestrians after he was speeding 100 mph slowed down to 95, 90 then a rolling stop at 85 but more than 80. Pedestrian #3 was very mad and is crying so much. He impersonates a cop before pedestrian #4 was telling player (Brian), "You're not the police, sheriff or highway patrol and you have not 100% finished the academy, and you don't have a badge", and Player insults to pedestrian #4 "Shut up stupid, I'm undercover!!!". Pedestrian #4 insult the same thing to Player back. Player called Pedestrian #1 a stupid but Pedestrian #1 didn't insult to him back the same thing. Pedestrian #12 told Player, "No, you're not! You're not a patrol officer at all." Player arrested 25 girls and 10 boys and was thrown into his motorcycle. Pedestrian #660 followed the motorcycle driver. Player did a California roll at a red light without his brakes then made a left turn. The authority had reported Player as he ran/pass/skips/cut/ignores/was driving through/flying/blowing/speeding up through/was failing to obey too many traffic lights, signs, signals and controlled intersections, having no headlights on during the dark, not wearing a helmet, opening too much containers, downloading illegal music, failed to turn signal, and improper use of sport drive (slang for stick shift) and again he has broken all the laws, rules and authority. Two drivers had called all police officers on duty. This guy does not get A's and B's and never will. He was driving in a wrong side of the road. He was hitting cars, being very rude and inappropriate. He was continued using boost (nitro) to go 236 mph. 5 policemen finally stopped the suspect from exceeding 10 M.P.H., he was on speeds of 30 through 235 (mph) (35 miles below 65 through 175 miles above 65). That story was from Midnight Club: LA, made it to the Crenshaw. Now messing with the BMW M6. I made it up to 200 - 201 mph. And Player was now hit into speeds of 15 through 81 (mph) before getting busted after crashing/smashing into a black van. Thank god the cops turned on lights/sirens before the chase. He was arrested after DUI/DWI. Player caught the Black Van driver in NFS Undercover. In the deleted scene, he got a warning, then he moved to South Central, got a citation, then he was moved to the dirty place that has adult parties the Live girls, yah, then he got a ticket then moved to Karol's house then Player got arrested, had a 15 year jail sentence, license suspension for 766 years, faced criminal charges for 9520 days, vehicle was towed 11 days ago and payed the fine of $100,000. And recklessly crashed almost into the buildings."Only 14 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds left in prison before freedom!!!," said Player. The other main characters told Player, "See you freed in the next 15 years!".

Code 0?
It means no emergency situations.

Traffic Stop 8:00 a.m. Squidward Q. Tentacles from 122 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, USA was ticketed for running red lights and stop signs between 5:30 and 6:30 (am).

Shots Heard 1:30 p.m. The Simpsons had 200 pizzas per minute. The milk was shot by Bart and Homer.

Warrant Arrest 3:00 p.m. California Highway Patrol Officer arrested for doing 60 in a 55.

Citizen Arrest 2:00 a.m. Barrelleakka was arrested with a $1,000,000 bail into The F-word prison life jail sentence.

Suspicious Person in vehicle 9:53 a.m. Barbie arrested for using a computer while driving.

LAPD/LASD/CHP chased him. He's still now in Orange County Sheriff Prison for 15 years.

Gamer DE (72)

2011-12-03 15:28

Wasnt there a 2003 Mazda 3 as a traffic vehicle?

LosCarnalesCars US (0)

2012-04-11 16:07

what car is this i have it on my site:

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-04-11 17:25

says its a Viper, looks like Rx7 but I think its a fake

strike9 US (13)

2012-07-15 05:55

they should of made the traffic escalade playable.
Theres only 2 playable suvs now and both of them are range rovers.
Also the more expensive one (the supecharged) has less performance then the cheeper one (sport)
plus you win the sport in a tournament which makes getting the other one pointless.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 01:03

Game could be better without bugs, like sometimes you steer but driver's hands aren't moving

RacingFreak (98)

2012-07-18 08:44

and btw it's all fault of the RAGE engine (also AGE). This version of the engine completely sucked. I wish they make the first version of the engine open source someday...

Tycek PL (169)

2012-07-18 10:10

Jesus, it was the best open racing game for me. I'm glad R* decided to make it like this. What is this? Some new tendency to bash R*?

RacingFreak (98)

2012-07-18 10:41

It just wasnt that good..

Tycek PL (169)

2012-07-18 11:27

Like I'm gonna take your opinion as a universal truth. Tell me which open racing game was better on that generation.

RacingFreak (98)

2012-07-18 11:41

From the whole series only MC1 and MC2 were good. MC1, the best. What I said is that they used the AGE engine originally from Midtown Madness and Midnight Club 1, put R* in it and it became RAGE. It might be realistic and cool, but its just not the same good feeling. Also rap, pims and so on killed it all. But okay I agree it was the best one out of the racing games that year (only exception of Need for Speed: Undercover PS2/Wii version), also the licensed cars. Still, totally different feeling than MC1 and MC2, in fact it has more of LA Rush feeling in it.

And thats just my opinion, nobody forces you to take it as serious or not.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 11:42:31

Tycek PL (169)

2012-07-18 11:57

Okay, I never played MC1 and only played a little MC2 (I don't like it too much, because of the unlicenced cars), MC3 was the game that hooked me up, but too much arcadish physics were making it not so good for me. MCLA was perfect (rap wasn't only genre of music there and I don't remember any pimps(?). Undercover was shit, I don't know how could anybody like it. Maybe Wii version was better, because PS2 version was a catastrophe.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 13:21

I loved MC:LA, but the bugs killed the game, I don't remember any bugs in MC3, but psychics were too strange

RacingFreak (98)

2012-07-18 13:25

Hmm right, what I tried to say is that MCLA had too much LA Rush feel in it. Oh and the NFS Undercover Wii version is a port of PS2 version which was awesome. I dont know what you did read, but the PS2 is way better than the PC version.

Tycek PL (169)

2012-07-18 13:59

What bugs did you encounter in MCLA? I remember only LOD textures loading sometimes on road or buildings, but this is quite common bug in open world games.

I've not read about it, I've played it. It was quite terrible, you can't drive fast because cars were spawning in front of you. Racing with three IIRC other vehicles was not very exciting and the whole story copying Driver was not acceptable.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 15:21:47

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 17:02

Tycek wrote @Sajmon
What bugs did you encounter in MCLA? I remember only LOD textures loading sometimes on road or buildings, but this is quite common bug in open world games.

As I wrote few comments earlier: Game could be better without bugs, like sometimes you steer but driver's hands aren't moving

Plus falling down the ground:

and some other fails I don't remember

btw I've uploaded a Ford Mustang visible on some bilboards and adverts, there was also Saleen Mustang advert but don't got any pictures of it

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 17:06:43

carcrasher88 US (20)

2012-07-18 17:29

Ford Mustang on a billboard...are you referring to the Pioneer ad?

If I recall properly, there's also a billboard with a Chevrolet Silverado on it.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 17:30:09

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-18 20:21

Isn't there an abandoned car in the LA River?

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 20:31:47

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 21:30

I've never seen it, btw in the expanded LA version there was a parked semi truck

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 21:32:12

k9underdogg AR (0)

2012-07-18 22:49

Can pedestrians get hit by cars and die in this one, like in MC2 ? or do they always manage to jump away like in MC3 and Midtown Madness?

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 22:58

As I remember you can't hit them

Antti-san FI (38)

2012-07-18 23:13

Yup, you can't. Anyways, I've played 2,3 and this - personally this is my favorite MC game. ;)

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-18 23:28

Same here

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-18 23:44

k9underdogg wrote Can pedestrians get hit by cars and die in this one, like in MC2 ? or do they always manage to jump away like in MC3 and Midtown Madness?

Isn't the fact the cars are licensed enough to reveal the answer? :p

-- Last edit: 2012-07-18 23:44:35

k9underdogg AR (0)

2012-07-19 05:11

lcpdcv wrote
Isn't the fact the cars are licensed enough to reveal the answer? :p

heh that's a good point, sir :P
Although I think The Getaway had licensed cars and you could use them to run over people, right? (I don't know for sure, I never played that game).

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-19 05:34

Ah crap, good point. I'm going to guess it's because of the type of license that was given.

strike9 US (13)

2012-07-19 06:02

i thinks its a good game but it could use a more varied car list, and i'll never understand why they didn't make the escalades drivable since they were in the last game.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-19 10:43

Escalade isnt good for racing, so not needed here

Gijs571 NL (1)

2012-07-19 16:11

The Escalade was included in Need For Speed Underground 2. With upgrades it was not a bad ride.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2012-07-19 18:23

but it's a nonsense to race with a SUV, when you have a lot of cheap coupes to choose

NismoR35 US (0)

2012-07-26 04:17

The SUVs prove to be good in cop chases, since they can push away the police cars, to me I think the two Range Rovers seem decent, but a bit out of their league in the game. still a nice car to cruise around in :D

lcpdcv US (52)

2013-03-31 20:16

There's still one traffic vehicle missing-a Utilimaster Aeromaster. It comes in both a parody FedEx and UPS paintjob.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-31 20:18:22

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-01 00:51

Plus some police Charges are missing, and one Impala cop car, they are different a bit. I'll try to add these plus I'll add some rear shots, dunno if I can capture the interiors with the default screenshot system

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-01 12:23

Should I add the traffic version of Cobalt? It's just a bit less detailed and has no interior

lcpdcv US (52)

2013-04-01 20:08

If you need help finding that Utilimaster, it seems to spawn around the freeway in Downtown LA.

-- Last edit: 2013-04-01 20:12:02

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-02 04:36

I'll try to find it tomorrow, and btw where are the cop cars I've uploaded?

Rinspeed FR (1229)

2013-04-02 17:58

sajmon14 wrote I'll try to find it tomorrow, and btw where are the cop cars I've uploaded?

Not different of the others, for the rear view of others cars, we dont want tuned versions

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-02 19:29

they are listed separately in-game and I see differences between them, btw the police Impala SS which is listed isn't the playable version so remove stars from it.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-27 16:49

Added the missing delivery van plus proper rear shots for the non-dlc cars

GeoZR177 US (26)

2013-04-28 14:59

Theres a Cadillac XLR as traffic in the Santa Monica Area

Tuppence870 UK (66)

2013-04-28 18:25

All the attention this game is getting right now makes me want to play it again... *sigh* If only I didn't have so much coursework to do...

carcrasher88 US (20)

2013-04-29 01:51

Since the billboard cars are listed now, could it be possible to get a shot of the 2007+ Tahoe seen on ?

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-04-29 09:59

isnt that the modified Escalade I've posted? I'll check if it's it when I'll be back home tomorrow

carcrasher88 US (20)

2013-04-29 16:00

It's a Tahoe. If you look closely, the headlight shape doesn't match the Escalade (which has different headlights than the Tahoe/Yukon), and it also has Chevrolet's signature bar going across the grille.

I could check the game myself, but my Xbox 360's power supply unit isn't working right, and I can't get a new one at the moment (they don't sell them in stores, they have to be bought online).

sajmon14 PL (232)

2016-01-22 18:21

Attacker1997 wrote This game is for PC too


mrmundy555 PH (0)

2016-05-31 15:37

Customization here is a bit awful. Midnight Club 3 had a very wide variety of customization.

Racedriver43 US (103)

2016-07-12 17:19

Apparently, the following cars were cut during development:
-Nissan Silvia S15 (Can be seen in a 2008 beta gameplay.)
-Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder
-Porsche Cayman
-Ford F150
-Honda Accord
-Honda VFR 800
-Honda Civic
-Mercedes-Benz CL500
-Acura TSX
-Acura RSX
-Mercury Cyclone
-Yamaha YZF-R6

Burn Rubber US (346)

2016-07-12 18:01

Racedriver43 wrote Apparently, the following cars were cut during development:
-Nissan Silvia S15 (Can be seen in a 2008 beta gameplay.)
-Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder
-Porsche Cayman
-Ford F150
-Honda Accord
-Honda VFR 800
-Honda Civic
-Mercedes-Benz CL500
-Acura TSX
-Acura RSX
-Mercury Cyclone
-Yamaha YZF-R6

Those cars alone are better than the ones we actually got :/

Racedriver43 US (103)

2016-07-12 18:10

Burn Rubber wrote
Those cars alone are better than the ones we actually got :/

I can agree on that. :/

sajmon14 PL (232)

2016-07-12 18:13

except the Ferrari, Porsche and Mercury there's nothing interesting on that list

Burn Rubber US (346)

2016-07-12 18:15

sajmon14 wrote except the Ferrari, Porsche and Mercury there's nothing interesting on that list

I'm weird. I'd rather have the boring cars. :p

burninrubber12345 IT (5)

2016-12-04 13:51

I want a new Midnight Club. When exit this game on PC (reporting)?

makkaraperunat FI (2)

2016-12-04 16:57

burninrubber12345 wrote When exit this game on PC (reporting)?

:lol: Nice joke.

Speedevil BE (173)

2016-12-04 17:46

Just wait a few years until Xbox 360 and PS3 emulators are a thing. :p

makkaraperunat FI (2)

2016-12-04 18:10

Xenia & RPCS3 have been in development for a while now. They're already a thing. Just have to wait for stable build releases.

raiden US (2)

2017-04-04 19:55

I was always wandering what year the game took place in. Some of the cars are 2008 and even 2009 with the DLC, but the police cam says Jan 19th 2007 XD

Speedevil BE (173)

2017-08-02 01:10

Screenshots of a new Midnight Club were apparently leaked.

carrera BR (1)

2017-08-02 01:38

Speedevil wrote Screenshots of a new Midnight Club were apparently leaked.

Looks like The Crew...

Racedriver117 US (110)

2017-08-02 03:32

Speedevil wrote Screenshots of a new Midnight Club were apparently leaked.

The Club is back!?

K20lover199 (0)

2017-08-02 03:48

Speedevil wrote Screenshots of a new Midnight Club were apparently leaked.

I hope it takes place in Toyko!

carcrazedalex586 (5)

2017-08-02 09:06

Yay! I thought the series was dead!

CarCrazedAlex586 (5)

2017-08-03 00:52

So Honda was not licensed in DUB Edition and Los Angeles because of Honda's strict laws at the time. We could see Honda vehicles returning since they do allow licensed cars in street racing games nowadays. WAIT?! AFTER 14 YEARS?!

Attacker1997 BR (112)

2018-09-17 16:41

Did you realize that most of traffic cars are models from the previous game, whether they are licensed or with some visual changes?


2019-05-07 01:31

Attacker1997 wrote Did you realize that most of traffic cars are models from the previous game, whether they are licensed or with some visual changes?

Yeah, they are all nearly reused.

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