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American Truck Simulator, Simulation, 2016

Developer: SCS Software

Publisher: SCS Software

Damageable vehicles: No

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: RushCars24 , ND4SPD Racer , Twilight Sparkplug , Loek , mca0004 , King of the Road , camaro98 , Hakari , Maxine , Mieguy , Nickolay27PM

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Dramatic EN (0)

2020-01-04 00:47

The 1.36 Update overhauls police vehicles quite a lot: all models now have a standardised generic version, and the specific vehicles different departments use have been updated. The same update also improved licence plates so that they differ between passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers and police. I'll try to fill in some blanks.

GamerFIB7590 ID (249)

2020-02-08 16:00

tatar1234284 wrote Idaho? UPDATE


Skywatcher68 US (1)

2020-03-27 19:38

Looks like driveable Macks are coming soon!

-- Last edit: 2020-03-27 19:39:30

carcrasher88 US (20)

2020-03-27 20:14

It's pretty much confirmed. Dealerships have been found in the game's files as well as the Mack Anthem. Maybe the Granite will follow afterwards, since it's also available in semi configuration, as well as the Pinnacle.

RushCars24 ID (74)

2020-04-23 05:27

oWo What's this?

Well, you know, it's coming right?

Yes! Mack Trucks is actually coming to ATS, all starting with the Mack Anthem! It will be available in April 28th, 2020 as a part of the 1.37 update, keep on the eye for the newsfeed incoming:

For those who are planning to do the temporarily shots for that truck when it releases in that date, just go ahead. I'll be follow with my own shot later per release.

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