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Porsche 911 Turbo

OutRun (1986)
The year is wrong

Test Drive 5 (1998)
Victor_2003 wrote

You mean Tokyo track? I thought i added.

Nope, Tokyo is missing, the one added is Kyoto.
Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Test Drive 5 (1998)
Victor_2003 wrote
Doens't are should be marked as "SS Annivesary Edition"?

IDK, could be just the paint reference, the first of four palette swaps.
Toyota T100 SR5 Trophy Truck

Rush Hour (1997)
Ain't that truck the Toyota Trophy Truck from 93?
Volkswagen Golf

Back 4 Blood (2021)
For me it looks like a Golf MkIV.
Jeep Wrangler

Rush Hour (1997)
MintNiko wrote
Jeep Wrangler YJ due to the square headlights


Gran Turismo 4 (2004)
GabbyTheReaper wrote
There is no Citta di Aria track here.

A year later and still no Citta di Aria Available in this page.
Volkswagen Sedan

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver (GBC) (2000)
It's an old Beetle.
Saleen S7-R

Forza Motorsport 3 (2009)
There is a typo on the team's name of this car. It's written Knorad.

GRID Legends (2022)
Daboi492 wrote

Itís just that Speedevil (the main contributor) never got the game Ďtill now, wasnít paying full price for it (also I should probably continue with adding the tracks)

this game was included in the PSN free games some time ago. I got one.

Top Drives (2017)
J-2 wrote
Ok, time to recap to avoid answering the same questions over and over.

1-This game will NOT be deleted in the foreseeable future unless any actual issues happen.
2-First thing to be done was a quick discuss among admins, and most at the very least didn't mind the game being re-listed, so again, unless there is a clear demand for the game to be taken down, it will stay.
3-The main reasons for a take down would be copyright issues, but for the 4th time, EVERY picture and EVERY car shown here is properly licensed, the car to the manufacturer and the picture to the right holder of EVO magazine, it wasn't one guy lurking around Google pics looking for the first pic available.
4-I wouldn't be wasting my time uploading 3400 pics if I knew it was going to be gone, again, I can't speak for other games in particular, but as for TD right now, it should be safe for the long run.
5-One of the biggest reasons to re-add the game, legal reasons and admin opinions put first aside, is again, the sheer number of licensed cars. Yes, they are represented by real life pictures, but as it was also said, some will never seen in a game again, and I think it's a shame not having a game like this listed on IGCD, it just makes sense.

Hey, J-2, I didn't meant to disagree or annoy you with those questions, I'm sorry if I did that to you. This car list is amazing and keep doing the good work!!

Twisted Metal (2012)
Now we can add Talon.
Ford Mustang

Top Drives (2017)
There is a typo here, the year is written "196" instead of 1996.

Top Drives (2017)
J-2 wrote

If I recall correctly, that was on the thin line way more than this.

First of all, it was a browser game, which is not a problem by itself, just a 'step' lower, so just based on that could be listed, but the big issue was licensing, I'm sure both the cars and the pics weren't actually properly licensed, so I don't think a return can be done unless proof of actual licensing for both things can be provided.

But this one is licensed?

Europe Racer (2001)
Victor_2003 wrote

No, the gameplay its different and the game was developed by british developers, not russians.

Sorry, I jumped to conclusion too early. For a game from that time that had Soviet cars of some sort, I did that assumption.

Top Drives (2017)
Hey, if I recall correctly, there was a game called "Ondarun" or something like that, and in that game that was like a card game of some sorts, had a very similar car line up to ths game, and was never finished here in IGCD. Eventually the game vanished, and I have to ask, does that game that I just mentioned and this one was the same?

Europe Racer (2001)
Is this a Russian Runabout?
Dodge Neon

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
For me It's an Astra.

Test Drive 4 (1997)
Victor_2003 wrote
Would be good If someone can upload the Munich track from PC version.

I agree.

Demolition Racer: No Exit (2000)
Victor_2003 wrote
Page completed, that its one of the best racing games for Dreamcast and its more complete than the PS1 version.

Never played the Dreamcast version, but saw a complete gameplay in YT. And ever since I wanted to see both pages in IGCD, like the PS1 and PC version of Carmagedon, that have different cars.

Gran Turismo 4 (2004)
There is no Citta di Aria track here.
CitroŽn BX

OutRun Europa (1991)
For me It's a RX-7.
Ford Escort

Viper Racing (1998)
Escort in the 80's

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (2007)
If I remember correctly, the PS2 version has a different version of the 3000GT, an older version, 91 or 92.

Final Freeway 2R (2012)
I agree, E46 3-series.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Someone bless this page for having boats, helis and airplanes!!

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (2019)
Since when the IGCD started to add Helis and Planes? I liked a lot, I'm just wondering though.
Eurocopter AS350 …cureuil

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Now you're researchig helis?

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
Custom bus? Why?

DiRT 5 (2020)
I vote for Merc as well.
Fiat Uno

Automobilista 2 (2020)
For me this Uno looks like an mid to end 90's Uno. My dad had one exactly like that in 96. The difference is in the headlights.
Fiat Mille

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
It's Fiat Uno. The Mille part is an extra info.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game (2013)
Ain't this game has a Saleen Focus or something like that?

Demolition Racer: No Exit (2000)
Thank you very much!!

Fussball Manager 2002 (2001)
For me, it appears that they photoshoped the Ferrari front in a random car, like 2 cars in one.

C.O.P.: The Recruit (2009)
Lexus IS?

Demolition Racer (1999)
I still have to ask this, I can't add the Dreamcast version of the cars by myself because I don't have the game. Can someone please adress the situation to update this page, or create another? The name of the game is Demolition Racer: No Exit.

Ford Racing (1999)
Aginnon wrote
PC tracks missing. They need to be added.

Ace, is that you?
TVR Griffith

Test Drive 6 (1999)
This Griffith failed to be a Griffith
Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR

Arcade Racing Legends (2020)
Daytona USA over here :v

Road Fighter (1984)
There is still some cars left in the background and a truck that I seen on the road in the NES version.
Jaguar XJR-9

Carmageddon (1997)
So why it's on Ferrari??? It's more like an Lister.
Jaguar XJ220

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Soooooo happy for this car!! I love XJ220.
Toyota Land Cruiser

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
Nice, I remember here in Brazil, that we made this until '90s. I'ts called Bandeirante here.
TVR Speed 12

Test Drive 6 (1999)
Isn't an Speed 12??
Dodge Coronet

Saints Row 2 (2008)
Wow, that car is very similar to Ed Hunter's car in Carmageddon.
Lamborghini Egoista

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
Egoista in portuguese means Selfish. Why in the earth they made this?
Mazda 787B

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
For me, the name is a mix of R from R18 and 7B from 78-7B. Honestly, both has valid origin for this car.
Chrysler 300 M

Payday 2 (2013)
TVR Sagaris

Forza Motorsport 6 (2015)
I wish more TVR in forza.