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Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
Made an account just for this, this literally couldn't be anything else other than 1969-1970 Mercury Cougar replica, the diving line on the side of the body is the most distinctive styling cue of 69-70 Cougar, 68-69 midsize Buicks have somewhat similar diving line but the Buicks are bulkier and has a much smaller and square shaped rear wheel openings and the C-pillars are thinner than this car, and this car couldn't be a 69 GTO either since the 69 GTO has a fastback design while 69-70 Cougar are more notchback like this car, also the 69 GTO have smooth transition between rear quarter panel and the C-pillar while this car have that curved line between the C-pillar and the rear quarter panel just like the 69-70 Cougar.