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Psychonauts (2005)

US Killercar34

2021-09-14 18:44
1962 Lincoln Continental?

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2021-09-14 18:44:44

Psychonauts (2005)
CA Flippedoutkyrii

2021-09-13 23:56
Done! There were plenty of car 'Figments" but they were extremely low resolution and hard to get a photo of and extremely basic in design so they were omitted.

Car's can also be interacted with, such as being jumped on and whatnot but cannot be destroyed.

Psychonauts (2005)
US TheGreaser

2021-09-13 23:41
Finally! Was wonderin' this would show up on IGCD soon; it's one of Double Fine's masterpieces.
Made for Game

Psychonauts (2005)

BR Victor_2003

2021-09-13 22:37
Fictional ugly car, for this put made for game.