International Harvester Loadstar

Surname: Samson Garbage Truck

Class: Simple truck

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Mark0

Contributor: Mark0


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AU HQMonaro1972

2016-11-03 22:11
Down here,the closest i can find is a White 9000 garbage truck. Don't think the Aussies had the CNT Series.

RU stratumx

2016-10-13 11:57
Yep, this is Loadstar, it's the closest truck.
US vehicleguru

2016-10-12 18:54
I don't think it is a Loadstar. The loadstar's hood is too short compared to this truck. It could be a Fleetstar, or a Dimaond Reo or a Brockway.
US carcrasher88

2016-10-12 16:09
Nah, it's definitely a Loadstar. Though, the texture of the grille reminds me of a much more modern Mack R-Series, just stretched downwards.
US vehicleguru

2016-10-12 14:42
I think it is a Dodge CNT900
CA car-dude44

2016-10-10 00:48
It does look like a Loadstar.

2016-10-09 01:15
In game name:

Samson Garbage Truck

How inventive.
FR SolanaBogon

2016-09-16 08:07
International Harvester Loadstar?

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