Made for Game Coupe

Surname: Pursuit El Niño

Class: Coupé

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Win all in Hot Pursuit Mode by being a racer



Contributor: sajmon14

Contributor: juan reyes

Contributor: sajmon14


Author Message

PL sajmon14

2012-05-24 19:04
It's made so in the game texture, it also uses Merc steering wheel

2012-05-24 18:36
I used to think my game was broken and there was a texture glitch, but it's genuinely there.

PL sajmon14

2012-05-24 18:21
Noticed them since I have the game, so long time ago :p

2012-05-24 18:11
Anyone else notice the CLK-GTR rims?

US strike9

2010-10-09 22:24
really remids me of a corvette stingray circa 1965 with more modernized styling

-- Last edit:
2010-10-09 22:28:16

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