2015 GTA Spano

Class: Coupé

Origin: ES Spain

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Multiplayer Prize Car



Contributor: GeoZR177

Contributor: GeoZR177


Author Message
US Aya

2021-10-30 06:39
This car can buy with golds at car dealer.
US AutoTracker

2015-11-21 14:49
Driveclub has everything. It's a shame I don't have it yet. :(

LB speedfreak975

2015-11-21 14:31
i meant this 2015 model,why isnt it in forza 6 for example , i know that rivals had as dlc and its in DC if not mistaken

-- Last edit:
2015-11-21 14:32:29
US AutoTracker

2015-11-21 14:00
NFS Rivals has this also (as DLC). But I agree there needs to be better cars in better racing games.

LB speedfreak975

2015-11-21 13:40
This needs to be in every racing game ever not stupid mobile games, why do mobile games always have the best cars ? :/

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