2015 Nissan Silvia D1GP

Extra info: RC926 with Toyo Tires

Chassis: S15

Mk: 7

Class: Racecar

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: 2015 D1GP Event / Returned in 2020 D1GP 20th Anniversary Event



Contributor: GroupB

Contributor: GroupB


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CL Klumb3r

2018-06-21 20:15
MrZasen wrote
Akinori Utsumi's s15

Welcome MrZesen to IGCD, we have Discord server: discord.gg/rBtdrbW

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ES MrZasen

2018-06-21 20:08
Akinori Utsumi's s15

US Racedriver43

2016-10-22 19:52
uglyman323 wrote
This car should be to add in Gran Turismo Sport

Please stop with the "This car should be added in *Insert GT game or Forza game here*". They are ungodly annoying, and are everywhere. If you want to voice your opinion on what a game should have, go ahead, and write a review or whole paragraph on the game page, and list every car you want in it.

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2016-10-22 19:53:04

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