2015 McLaren 570S

Class: Coupé

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


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AR Syntec

2019-11-04 02:26
El McLaren 570S es de un linaje diferente de la marca, el P1 sinceramente me agrada, pero EA se está olvidando del F1 y sus versiones, me hubiera gustado mucho que agregaran tanto el MP4-12C, como el F1 LM, tambien el P1 por que no...
US AutoTracker

2016-03-01 02:38
Correct. This car is totally new in the McLaren lineup and is not the sucessor to any previous model in the McLaren lineup. Also, could someone change the contributor name to Mieguy? I don't have this game on PS4 and I surely don't have the German version. :/

BR Attacker1997

2016-03-01 02:22
This car ins't the sucessor of P1


2015-10-12 10:46
I don't like the P1 that much either, in my opinion, this one looks quite better, so i could careless if the P1 isn't in
US carcrasher88

2015-10-06 04:41
The 488 isn't the entry-level Ferrari, the California T is.

So the 570S is to McLaren as the California T is to Ferrari, and the 650S is to McLaren as the 488 is to Ferrari, and the P1 and LaFerrari...well, that's pretty self explanatory.
ES Dakota

2015-10-06 04:20
Hmm... as I said, I don't think so since the P1 is the top of the line McLaren and the 570S is the new entry level McLaren just like the 488 will be in Ferrari, I just hope they add the Volvo 343 R-Sport, the 1973 BMW 2002tii, the Ford Escort mk1 RS 1600 and for the sake of Christ, put the motherfucking 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback in this game, why the hell it's not the most famous Mustang in any famous car videogame besides Project Gotham Racing?

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2015-10-06 04:20:54

LB speedfreak975

2015-10-05 18:50
I hope they add both p1 and F1. It would be awesome to get both cars next to each other. (Same applies in the crew) we already have the F1 all I want is the P1 to make the road trip of father and son :) . And seriously burn rubber stop hating on the p1 :(
ES Dakota

2015-10-05 18:19
I don't know if with "this is replacing the P1" you're talking about real life, if indeed you're talking about real life, this is the first car of a new entry level called "Sport Series", this concrete model it's aiming to compete against the 911 Turbo and the SLS AMG, cheers!

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