Atlas Copco FlexiROC T35

Surname: Driller D-50 (8 t)

Class: Construction & Engineering vehicle

Origin: SE Sweden

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: ND4SPD Racer

Contributor: TheGreaser


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SG ND4SPD Racer photo_librarymode_comment

2014-08-21 14:08
vehicleguru wrote
The one in your photo is the ROC T35, the FlexiROC T35 looks different, and both T35 models have only 1 side compartment, which isn't the case for the one ingame:
Actually the ingame name hints to it being the FlexiROC D50, but the D50 is longer and has an additional vent at the side:
Hence the closest match is still the FlexiROC T45:
US vehicleguru photo_librarymode_comment

2014-08-20 23:19
ND4SPD Racer wrote
Found an exact match, its the Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45

FlexiRoc T35, the T45 is too big.

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2014-08-20 23:19:53
SG ND4SPD Racer photo_librarymode_comment

2014-08-20 11:31
Found an exact match, its the Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45
US carcrasher88 photo_librarymode_comment

2014-08-20 00:20
Based on size and shape the closest I can think of is a Caterpillar MT5050 T.

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