1976 Winnebago Chieftain

Surname: Xanadu RV

Class: Class A Motorhome

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Complete Quest Mode with Convoy



Contributor: Rinspeed

Contributor: mcthieve


Author Message
TH opal

2021-05-14 13:50
1976 Chieftain, note it has a facelift windshield and taillight.

US HondaGuy99

2016-01-26 22:11
opal wrote
Winnebago Chieftain, Not Indian.

no this is an Indian the upgraded version is the Chieftain
TH opal

2012-05-28 09:58
Not reallt, because it has Tan color. Only Chieftain model has it.
US Donkey-kong

2012-05-11 03:50
Neither. It is a 1975 Winnebago Brave kevinwarnock.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/WinnebagoBrave-e1266470233715.jpg
TH opal

2012-04-30 10:00
Winnebago Chieftain, Not Indian.
TH opal

2011-03-20 05:51
Class A Motorhome

UK TA-caprice-XI

2007-08-14 17:55
Winnebago Indian

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