1986 Dodge Ram Van

Surname: Wrecked Van

Mk: 2

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: US USA

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: J-2

Contributor: J-2


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HU Mathias98 photo_librarymode_comment

2020-11-19 12:25
According to GTA Wikia, this wreck also appears in GTA IV, but it's not listed on the game's page.

Also, I think looks more like a 1986-93 Dodge Ram Van, apart from the position of the turn signals.
For comparison:
Ram Van:

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2020-11-19 12:26:08

CZ JFK photo_librarymode_comment

2015-05-19 20:07
In GTA online Creator, it is called "Wrecked Van", admin, if you could change it as ingame name, it would be lovely
BR caio fivetech photo_librarymode_comment

2014-05-18 06:43
CA FrankieCheeks75 photo_librarymode_comment

2014-03-26 15:08
It's an '84 Dodge Ram van, just like the 3-D Universe Burrito was. Look at tyhe Burrito in Vice City, san Andreas, Vice City Stories, this is that Burrito!!!
CA FrankieCheeks75 photo_librarymode_comment

2014-02-07 15:55
Definetly a Dodge Ram van based off the 3-D era Burrito.

ES alatriste2003 photo_librarymode_comment

2014-01-28 19:30
Is the beta version of GTA IV's Burrito. I think is a Ford Econoline.
PT Ford78 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-09-24 20:13
Dodge Ram Van is more optional.
US carcrasher88 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-09-20 20:37
Could just be a Pony with a different grille.
CA car-dude44 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-09-20 19:24
1979 Ford Econoline. Taillights are taken from an old Dodge Ram Van, though.

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