1975 Volkswagen Rabbit

Chassis: Typ 17

Mk: 1

Class: Hatchback

Origin: DE Germany

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: GodsFriendChuck

Contributor: GodsFriendChuck

Contributor: Tuppence870


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UK Tuppence870

2013-11-29 03:03
Having played through the episode, this seems to be mostly a Mk 1 Golf, but everything from the hood forwards is a Mk 2.

FI BeanBandit

2013-06-16 12:28
And what about rear, which is clearly belonging to Mk I?
It's a Rabbit, Euro-Golf never had such "train rail"-bumpers as this one.

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2013-06-16 12:31:04

UK Tuppence870

2013-06-15 22:58
Based on the front fenders and body shape/length, I'd say this was the late 80's model - a Golf Mk II GTI (Typ 19E) (EU spec due to lights)

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2013-06-15 23:02:19

2013-06-15 22:02
ItsaUserName wrote
There's round headlights though. The Rabbit had square headlights:

Not the 70s version though.



2013-06-15 19:08
There's round headlights though. The Rabbit had square headlights:
SI Andra125

2013-06-15 18:59
I agree. BTW, the "I" should be moved under "MK"

PH jus1029

2013-06-15 17:44
This being America: VW Rabbit?

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