2009 Nissan GT-R

Extra info: Spec-V

Chassis: R35

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: DLC GTR Racing Pack



Contributor: damianea103

Contributor: damianea103


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UK I NEED NAWZZZ photo_librarymode_comment

2013-02-03 18:27
The Egoist is just a regular GT-R with some higher-class interior detailing. The Spec V is designed for the track, so it makes more sense to be there than an Egoist would.

EE TheTerminator248 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-02-03 12:03
Would get mad that it isn't the newest Egoist, but damn that's very highly detailed.

RU Mad_Driver photo_librarymode_comment

2013-02-02 14:46
It's a GT-R Spec-V not usual GT-R.
Look on the wheels.

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