Austin Mini

Chassis: ADO50

Class: Supermini

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: victorvance


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DE victorvance photo_librarymode_comment

2012-12-21 01:46
fordcortina83 wrote
I will see what I can do

O.K. I found a lot of pictures for this car on google, so maybe you can start your search there! BTW I uploaded the London taxi and a background scooter, so these arenīt needed anymore! Other vehicles I know are another scooter (an enemy), a double-deck bus, a tank in russia and at least 1 car in the United States! I hope this proves helpful! :hello:

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2012-12-21 01:47:11
Sandie photo_librarymode_comment

2012-12-20 22:32
It's just the image here re-used:

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2012-12-20 22:32:55
DE victorvance photo_librarymode_comment

2012-12-20 22:29
Please search for a picture with the whole car fordcortina83!

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