1970 Ford Mustang

Extra info: Mach 1 Twister Special

Mk: 1

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Mark0

Contributor: Mark0


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IT Automotive Gaming

2016-05-16 12:09
This one isn't a DLC and the Peak Performance DLC Mustang actually exists but it's not this one.

It's a customized version of the same mustang already available ingame, which hasn't been listed here yet.

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2016-05-16 12:39:22

BE Speedevil

2016-05-16 11:59
It isn't. I guess that was the mistake Klumb3r was talking about. :p

BR Attacker1997

2016-05-16 01:23
Is this a DLC car? WTF

CL Klumb3r

2015-11-25 03:45
I made a mistake, don't accept my change in this car, please :D
FI Antti-san

2013-12-03 04:16
Mark0 wrote
Mach 1 Twister Special

Could an admin add this as extra info?

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2013-12-03 04:19:03

RB Mark0

2013-12-01 16:38
Ingame info say Ford Mustang Mach I Twister Special.

DE Mieguy

2013-05-31 16:23
looks like they put a youtube-lookalike-video in the intro, as a video clip from gameswelt.tv confirms this (where i have the rear shot from)

PL sajmon14

2013-02-28 22:09
pskoene wrote
it's a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (probably a Super Cobra Jet)

guy above says they were basing on his 1970 Mustang
BE pskoene

2013-02-28 21:13
it's a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (probably a Super Cobra Jet)

2013-01-19 12:10
I want to see more Muscles in this game !
TW RacingFreak

2013-01-10 15:24
Nice! Can you give us more details?
NL 1970twisterspecial

2013-01-09 22:36
It's my 1970 Mach1 that was used for the game.
It's a Grabber Orange Mach1 'Twister Special' replica
US Mach1Mustang

2012-08-08 17:14
That rocker panel suggests it could be a Mach 1.

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