1998 Nissan Avenir

Surname: Avenue

Chassis: W11

Class: Wagon

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: ilyaracer


Author Message
FI Antti-san

2012-07-09 18:37
BTW, class should be "wagon".
FI Antti-san

2012-07-09 14:22
Only the admins (like RVR72GV) can change or add information once the vehicle has been submitted. Don't worry and just be patient. ;)

-- Last edit:
2012-07-09 14:23:56
ID ilyaracer

2012-07-09 14:12
Antti-san wrote
I guess the chassis code is [W11]?

Is it? I don't know...

How to change it?
FI Antti-san

2012-07-09 14:10
I guess the chassis code is [W11]?
ID ilyaracer

2012-07-09 13:37
The first Avenir of IGCD ;)

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