1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Surname: 86-Thunder

Chassis: AE86

Mk: 4

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Take it as a prize from a rival who has one or buy it in the mart



Contributor: ilyaracer

Contributor: Burn Rubber


Author Message
JP Bakasan

2017-06-14 14:49
Beautiful car! Love AE86's^^

Interesting note, if you modify the body to take an MR layout, it transforms in what appears to be an AW11 MR-2

Unfortunately, the front and rear ends remain the same as an AE86 Trueno, so half MR2 I guess ;)
The game actually has an AW11 chassis, but no proper body, so this is as close as it gets.

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2017-06-14 14:51:28

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