1994 Ford Mustang

Surname: PC Accelerator

Chassis: SN95

Mk: 4

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Vehicle Deleted From Game
: PC Accelerator demo exclusive



Contributor: ItsaUserName

Contributor: Burn Rubber


Author Message

HU Mathias98

2017-01-20 14:54
According to Re-Volt Wiki (where it's called PC XL8 R), it's exclusive to PC Accelerator distribution of the Re-Volt Demo, and it can be found in the Developer Version.
And by the way it's surely not a '93 Mustang.

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2017-01-20 14:57:43

BR Attacker1997

2017-01-20 14:06
How to get this car?

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2017-01-22 13:59:04

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