1971 Ford Escort

Extra info: RS1600

Mk: 1

Class: Sedan

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable and downloadable vehicle



Contributor: Takumi

Contributor: Green Runner

Contributor: Green Runner


Author Message
FI Antti-san

2013-09-07 01:45
A 1971 RS1600 according to this: www.needforspeed.com/news/shift-2-unleashed-legends-pack-available-now
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-10-01 14:23
This needs to be in Forza 4!

2011-04-23 23:51
BR caio fivetech

2011-04-14 19:23
Argentina Taxi Layout...

PL sajmon14

2011-03-31 15:40
yes, RS2000

RB Mark0

2011-03-31 13:51
Isn't this Escort RS 2000 (It has same paint scheme and 'bigger' side parts around tyres like one on GTL) . This look like same Escort like that in GT Legend (and playable as mod in all Race and GTR series)

-- Last edit:
2011-03-31 13:54:09
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-03-31 13:40
Sweeeet! i've never seen this classic escort in racing games!

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