1997 Ford Expedition

Surname: Landstalker

Chassis: UN93

Mk: 1

Class: Off-road / SUV

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


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UK clandohoome photo_librarymode_comment

2019-07-23 23:07
I've always thought that the headlights and grille were taken from the 2nd gen Range Rover, but everything else matches the Expedition.
US patridam photo_librarymode_comment

2016-03-10 22:38
Ford Expedition.
spamllama photo_librarymode_comment

2012-06-20 22:20
not even close to a pathfinder?? its a 1998 Ford Expedition, slightly extended at the back like the Excursion, (plus a spare wheel). its the predecessor of its GTAIV counterpart.
CA 2010rrsupercharged photo_librarymode_comment

2011-06-25 10:50
Its a Ford Expedition EL. Neither the Borrego or the Pathfinder came in extented wheelbase layouts like the Landstaker does.
US CA_NES photo_librarymode_comment

2007-06-03 17:23
infinity QX4

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