2003 Peugeot 206

Extra info: GTI

Class: Hatchback

Origin: FR France

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Youlikeyams

Contributor: Burn Rubber


Author Message

FR Skyline159

2019-04-14 20:39
Unlocked by start.

CZ Aginnon

2016-06-22 20:50
My 206 uses the spoiler from the Rally car, giving it few engine upgrades.
Damn, I love upgrading this car.

KP Razor440

2016-06-02 01:37
sajmon14 wrote
what's so weird in that? :p games aren't realistic

I don't really mind, i'm just pointing it out to the uninformed. :)

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2016-06-02 01:37:57

PL sajmon14

2016-06-01 14:21
what's so weird in that? :p games aren't realistic

KP Razor440

2016-06-01 14:02
Strangely, this car is in the US version despite the fact Peugeot does not sell cars here.
RU Maltravers

2012-12-10 16:06
Trim level is GTI.
RU Maltravers

2012-09-25 08:20
Great car for drifting, circuit and sprint races in game.

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2013-01-04 07:13:39

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