1998 Ford Crown Victoria

Surnom: SP-VIC -Agwe-

Infos supplémentaires: Police Interceptor

Châssis: P71

Mk: 2

Catégorie: Berline

Origine: US Etats-Unis

Véhicule jouable



Contributeur: Ford78


Auteur Message
ID Ryan2t4

2019-01-18 07:27
Actually playable from start: If you choose US Story
DE MrBlonde294

2017-12-18 22:02
its a crown vic. here in the video you see www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQCjGu9whSk

2012-07-10 07:28
The SUV and the car on its right still needs to be unidentified O_o

-- Last edit:
2012-07-10 07:29:03

UK TA-Caprice-XI

2010-08-14 16:01
If this is for the car in the middle, then it looks more like a Ford Crown Victoria - looks like a mix of different generations (mostly early '90s and late '90s).

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