2009 Audi TT RS

Chassis: Typ 8J

Class: Coupé

Origin: DE Germany

Playable vehicle



Contributor: takumi


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IT walter

2010-05-01 12:59
Like the TT S, "RS" must be definitely put in main name. And "Coupe" can be deleted ;)

FR Rinspeed

2009-10-30 21:47
we put, Audi RS4 or other because we cant put Audi A4 RS4... It's not the name. But Audi TT RS? VW Golf R32, Alfa 147 GTA, it's the same thing. For the search and the statistics, it's better to put just TT in the main name.
IT walter

2009-10-30 20:51
But in that case "RS" is a true main part of the car name (like Audi's RS4, RS6, ecc...)
And Typ 8J, not 1J

FR Rinspeed

2009-10-30 20:29
in igcd, we dont put the trim in the main name, or just if it was a very specific body (like clio v6). It's because most of the cars are GTi, RS ...
IT walter

2009-10-30 20:23
"RS" in main name - and Typ 8J

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