2014 Iveco Daily

Surname: Maars

Mk: 5

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: IT Italy

Unplayable vehicle
: Update 1.09



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


Author Message
UK WarzonFanboy1985

2021-03-28 15:36
They could've used the Hilux!
CH Solarriors

2021-01-30 18:59
BOCW is just full of anachronisms and silly things.

ES alatriste2003

2021-01-30 12:30
Flippedoutkyrii wrote
This supposed to be a future map?

I don't think so. The other cars in the map are ''classic'' models. I supposed they've chosen this van cause is similar to the van appears in the original map: www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=52715

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2021-01-30 14:09:56

ES alatriste2003

2021-01-30 12:27
TheGraser wrote
That shouldn't even be here. It should've been replaced with a '71 Chevy Van or its derivatives instead.

Totally agreed. Looks like people who design the cars aren`t the same who puts them in multiplayer maps xD.
CA Flippedoutkyrii

2021-01-29 03:40
This supposed to be a future map?
CH Solarriors

2021-01-28 17:54
a bit... ^^

AU Silnev

2021-01-28 17:22
Re-used from Black Ops 4 despite it being a bit anachronistic.

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