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Contributor: ahadikaputra


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ID Speedy17

2020-10-18 05:08
Attacker1997 wrote
Maybe a Marcopolo Paradiso G7?
No,its a Jetbus SHD2+ made by Adiputro Coachbuilder.Weirdly this bus had the same height as the Jetbus SDD2+ (double decker) which makes this as a Jetbus UHD2+ that didn't exist at that time

BR Attacker1997

2020-10-18 01:27
Maybe a Marcopolo Paradiso G7?
FR SolanaBogon2

2020-10-15 10:17
AdiPutro coach work?

ID Speedy17

2020-10-15 01:51
Scania K410iB or Mercedes 0C500RF 2542?

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