Toyota Land Cruiser

Surname: 1988 The Meep Police

Chassis: FJ40

Mk: 3

Class: Off-road / SUV

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Acquire at least 1 Meep Police card from the packs



Contributor: tunedricer

Contributor: tunedricer


Author Message

ID Ryan2t4

2020-05-13 10:07
looks like is Max Coolnes Version. @JFK, Should you change this picture

BR Cloudstinger

2020-04-17 05:02
Not this again...

And why is this listed as a "Jeep FJ40" instead of a Toyota FJ40??

-- Last edit:
2020-04-17 05:03:50

CN tunedricer

2020-04-16 23:30
King of the Road wrote
This is not plyable & ulnockable.

... yes it is
CZ King of the Road

2020-04-16 22:12
This is not plyable & ulnockable.

-- Last edit:
2020-04-16 22:13:01

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