2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo

Chassis: R35

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Collect 55 Blueprints to unlock



Contributor: pongmai510


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2020-03-06 20:24
TheGreaser wrote
I'm no game designer, but one of the main tenets of making a game with activities is to offer lots variety and to support the playerbase, with free added content (not paid). If you release a game too early and/or if the final product comes with so little content, people will have no reason to play/support the game and devs, because either the developers are risk averse, the game had to be rushed to meet the deadline, or the publisher forced the developer to monetize the majority of the game (which is unethical to the average gamer).

As for this game, I don't think this game will prosper for long, unless they pull some radically different content.

Exactly, game loft has abandoned so many of their games (streetstorm was probably the fastest dying game of theirs along with overdrive the one that had the countach as the cover car)

I can assure you this one won’t last any longer, and because of one reason: people would rather play Asphalt 9 or 8, rather than this click game

VC Desscythe17

2020-03-06 17:58
MBR wrote
Good picture but bad game

It will only be a year and this game will die quickly

It depends on what they do with it. Currently there is not that much to do in the game, and the playerbase will shrink considerably until they add more.

2020-03-06 06:39
Good picture but bad game

It will only be a year and this game will die quickly

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