2015 Ford Edge

Surname: Talos Maxera AWD

Mk: 2

Class: Off-road / SUV

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


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2020-11-04 02:37
Too slanted to be a Vinfast yeah. Heavily leaning Ford/Lincoln with this one

RU rozanoff

2020-11-03 23:58
First gen Ford Edge with Vauxhall Grandland X front and Seat-style taillights.
US carcrasher88

2020-11-03 23:33
Looking at the new higher quality images, there is absolutely NO VinFast in here.

It's an updated version of the Talos model from the first two titles, made to look more like a newer Edge Vignale (Euro-market exclusive) with some slight Lincoln cues.

2020-11-01 11:57
Looks like a Vinfast with Lincoln-esque taillights (probably because the V in the rear is ommited)

ID Speedy17

2020-10-31 02:22
shalevi5 wrote
Modern Ford Edge, based on the old Talos from WD1.
You can't always identify cars based on their predecessors.Example,the Ibishu Pessima in BeamNG : the first gen is a Honda Accord while the second gen became a Mazda 626
IL shalevi5

2020-10-31 00:27
Modern Ford Edge, based on the old Talos from WD1.

CA Shogo

2020-10-27 00:51
Cool seeing a VinFast on here if it ends up looking like it once we get more shots. I definitely see it in the front and rear especially the lights. Has a bit of Lexus RX/NX shape too.

ID Alif R

2020-08-06 01:57
The front kinda looks like the Vinfast SA2.0
US carcrasher88

2020-08-06 00:47
That front looks almost nothing like the Grandland X, it's a near perfect match to the Edge, other than the headlights, which look like a Lexus RX.
UK VroomZoom24

2020-08-06 00:07
The car has a front end of a Vauxhall Grandland X, as seen by the headlights and grille.
US carcrasher88

2020-08-05 23:10
Yeah...definitely NOT a Grandland X, this is absolutely a current generation Edge, and the brand name also fits, since the Talos was an Edge in the first two WD titles.
US WeirdoBoi

2020-08-03 05:15
The fictional name for this vehicle is called Talos Maxera AWD

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2020-08-03 05:15:39
SE maxl9896

2020-07-29 04:53

defo looks like a ford edge to me
FI Auto rzechy

2020-04-11 18:33
Eden57 wrote
Vauxhall Grandland X ?

NL Just_Luc1

2020-02-12 21:16
For now Id say it looks most like the latest generation Ford Edge.

UA RollsRoyceMusic

2019-09-06 23:54
Acura MDX or Lexus RX
IL Shalevi5

2019-06-15 08:43
I'm a bit late, and I know it would stay as "Unknown", but my guess is the new Lexus RX. The sharp lines remind me of luxury Japenese SUVs like the RX or the Acura RDX. The Edge is more elegant and doesn't have such sharp lines like the Japenese SUVs.
FR Eden57

2019-06-14 18:33
Vauxhall Grandland X ?

CN tunedricer

2019-06-13 03:47
maybe we can wait for better in game screenshots and the rear picture instead of rushing to conclude what the car actually resembles
US carcrasher88

2019-06-12 01:37
Agreed. Kinda see a little Acura MDX in the headlights, too.
US AutoTracker

2019-06-12 01:35
This does remind of the 2019 Ford Edge facelift. cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/7Korp/s1/2019-ford-edge-titanium-review.jpg
FR Eden57

2019-06-11 12:56
Ford Edge ? the front light remind me the Buick Enclave one

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2019-06-11 13:32:20

PH mrmundy555

2019-06-11 09:15
Toyota RAV4?
UA valera

2019-06-11 08:50
Range Rover ?

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