2017 Aston Martin DB11

Surname: De Vale VK7

Class: Coupé

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


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PK UmarTheGreat_047 photo_librarymode_comment

2023-06-28 13:03
defenitely 2016 Mercedes-Maybach 6
UA sckwall photo_librarymode_comment

2021-08-11 10:40
It look like Audi Skysphere.

BR Attacker1997 photo_librarymode_comment

2020-11-06 18:38
Looking better now, it looks more like a Renault Coupe C Concept too me
UA sckwall photo_librarymode_comment

2020-11-01 22:25
Bentley EXP 100 GT?
US carcrasher88 photo_librarymode_comment

2020-11-01 20:53
The two-tone colors in these images are a SPOT ON match for the 2012 Peugeot Onyx concept, but the body isn't.

AU Silnev photo_librarymode_comment

2020-11-01 18:54
This thing has gull-wings. Also based on the body shape:

I don't think it's meant to be a DB11. Rather I think it's based of the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6.

UK konkordski photo_librarymode_comment

2019-06-11 03:15
yeah, looks very much like a db11, with a lagonda taraf grille.

CA Shogo photo_librarymode_comment

2019-06-11 02:18

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