Duesenberg Model J

Surname: Carson Grand Marais

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Win 26 events and shut it down



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev


Author Message

US strike9

2014-03-25 17:40
I think it's an SJ
US ShantJ

2012-08-15 07:48
There's no space in DeVille. Could a mod. please change them all?


2012-06-23 18:06
It's a Duesenberg.

DE Gamer

2012-02-13 11:22
Duesenberg SJ. How, in any way does this car look like this?: www.classicandperformancecar.com/front_website/octane_interact/modelpicture.php?id=6667
US Donkey-kong

2011-12-24 21:28
No its definitely an Excalibur Series II upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Excalibur_Series_II.jpg it all fits perfectly.

FI BeanBandit

2010-08-31 14:41
It looks more like Duesenberg.
Star Wars Fanatic

2009-05-09 23:19

Previously appeared only in Burnout 2.

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2009-05-09 23:20:23

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