1937 Auto Union Type C Streamliner

Class: Racecar

Origin: DE Germany

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Rinspeed


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FR Skyline159 photo_librarymode_comment

2020-12-11 13:42
You can only use this car in: Test Course and Nürburgring Nordschleife.
US ShantJ photo_librarymode_comment

2012-10-01 09:42
"V16" should be removed.

DE Mieguy photo_librarymode_comment

2010-11-06 11:33
i just noticed, its "Streamline" without a "R" at the end ;-)
CrazyCars photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-19 19:22
A very expensive and old one too. This thing handles like.....well it doesn't handle, it just skids everywhere.
UK austinallegro photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-19 19:12
That's because it's a race car.
ZA Derek photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-18 04:50
strange car
CrazyCars photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-17 17:31

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