1988 Toyota Cressida

Surname: GLU Suta Resa <3

Extra info: Bosozoku

Chassis: X70

Class: Sedan

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: damianea103


Author Message
CA freakbrian

2019-11-08 02:44
Bosuzoku Toyota Cressida
UA valera

2018-03-30 11:48
GX61 mark II ?
SE nisselasse5

2018-03-29 23:06
Toyota Cressida bozosuku

PH Renz203

2018-02-27 15:38
The C-pillar looks like from a Holden Commodore VL

BR fernando2236

2018-02-23 03:24
Nissan Laurel

2018-02-06 13:41

ID GamerFIB7590

2018-02-04 03:59
This car doesn't exist IRL, like Cave RX-Z Prototype and Thunder Mountain. It's based on 80s Honda Accord

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