2003 Daihatsu Mira

Class: Microcar

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: M@xtimot


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US Vxctec photo_librarymode_comment

2022-02-14 23:55
Itís a Commuter Cars Tango. The design matches directly towards it. :D

BE 64-46 BMW photo_librarymode_comment

2018-01-28 04:02
Looks more like the Volkswagen Up. I doubt it's a Daihatsu Mira, the position of the lights and design are matched to that of the VW up.
AR tuning95 photo_librarymode_comment

2017-10-03 16:48
Keitora wrote
It looks like sort of Daihatsu.
agree, 2003 Daihatsu Mira www.cars-directory.net/pics/daihatsu/mira/2003/daihatsu_mira_a1249304428b2929757_3_orig.jpg
JP Keitora photo_librarymode_comment

2017-10-03 01:14
It looks like sort of Daihatsu.

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