2017 Nissan Skyline

Extra info: 350GT Hybrid Type SP 60th Limited

Chassis: V37

Mk: 13

Class: Sedan

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: RisaDriftR

Contributor: RisaDriftR


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US GroupB

2017-04-20 04:43
Regardless of the badge, the Infiniti name is not used in Japan.

LB speedfreak975

2017-04-19 19:49
not in Japan it isnt

RU EminemRUS

2017-04-19 16:23
Attacker1997 wrote
This a Infiniti not a Nissan

Are you sure?
Wrote: "SKYLINE V37 60th Limited"

BR Attacker1997

2017-04-19 15:55
This a Infiniti not a Nissan

RU EminemRUS

2017-04-03 14:06
Wow. 60 years - 13 gens.
US carcrasher88

2017-03-24 23:59
CarCrazedAlex586 wrote
This is one of Nissan's sins. They were too lazy to rebadge the Q50 for the Japanese market and ended up with an Infiniti badge.

Another sin: They used the Datsun name for emerging markets including my country. Well, time to pack my bags to either New Zealand, the UK or the USA, just to escape the four-wheeled cursed doll death traps.

It's not just the Skyline. When Nissan facelifted the Cima, Fuga, and turned the Infinti M into the Q70 a couple of years back, the JDM Fuga and Cima got the same treatment, trading the Nissan emblem for the Infiniti one.

Twilight Sparkplug

2017-03-24 23:28
heh.. I rented a Q50 last year, Nice drive, still prefer my older cars..
Stupid question tho, Whats with all the names? Is it just because Nissan is not considered a prestige car in most countries? Like the Lexus thing?..


2017-03-24 22:33
First 2017 Infiniti skyline in the site

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2017-04-13 22:57:07

ID GamerFIB7590

2017-03-23 13:39
Heh, Infiniti Skyline

BE Speedevil

2017-03-23 13:21
Modern Skylines have Infiniti badges, but they're still Nissans.

HK BrianMak

2017-03-23 09:31

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