Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Type: First Person Shooter (FPS)

Developer: Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Platforms: Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Playable Vehicles

    UAZ 3151

    Unplayable Vehicles

    AM General HMMWV
    AM General HMMWV M1026
    2002 BMW 745i
    2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV
    Vioxy D5X
    Case IH 1494
    International Row Crop Special
    2004 Caterpillar D3 G
    2003 Chevrolet Express
    Chevrolet Step Van
    E-Z-Go Marathon
    1963 Fiat 500 Giardiniera
    2001 Ford Crown Victoria
    2001 Ford Crown Victoria
    2001 Ford Crown Victoria
    GAZ BTR-80A
    General Dynamics M-1128
    General Dynamics M104 Wolverine
    General Dynamics M1128 MGS
    General Dynamics M1A1 'Abrams'
    Honda CBR 600 RR
    1982 Honda Civic
    2004 Honda Fit
    2004 Honda Odyssey
    IEMZ Kupol 9K331 Tor-M1
    International Harvester Transtar
    International Harvester Transtar
    Kässbohrer Pistenbully 600
    1985 Kawasaki GPZ 600 R Ninja
    1992 KME Renegade
    1982 Kurganmashzavod BMP-2D
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    NABI 416
    NIIP 2K12 'Kub'
    Nissan CF80
    2005 Scion tC
    1982 Toyota Corolla
    Toyota Hilux
    Toyota Hilux
    UAZ 31514
    UAZ 3741
    1984 UAZ 469
    2000 United Defense M2A3 Bradley
    Ural 4320
    Ural 4320
    Uralvagonzavod T-72
    1984 VAZ 2104 Zhiguli
    Yugo 45
    Zastava 750


    Author Message
    Greyman30 photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-02-16 22:56
    I identified the forklift Nissan CF80
    UK carguy2008 photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-02-03 00:02
    I have contributed to this but on Rust there is a narrow strip of land near the river, and there are a few wrecked vehicles, but the one we need to be on the lookout for is an Opel Blitz with Afrika Korps logos on it.
    UK SatoFJWRA photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-06 14:45
    Added some missing shots for some cars, but I mixed up the file names and ended up uploading the Scion's rear into the Honda Oddessey's page, so I apologize

    ES alatriste2003 photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-05 11:19
    TheGreaser wrote

    Well, I get the overall feeling that some remasters are worse than the original. In this for instance, it's got both SP and MP, but something seriously went wrong with the development.

    Actually, many of these mistakes were the fault of Activision, not Raven. But I understand what you are saying and you are right on many points.

    ES alatriste2003 photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-01 19:14
    TheGreaser wrote
    Hopefully it's better than the Raven Software-sourced COD4 remaster.

    Why do you say that? I think Raven Software did a good job with the MWR.

    I'm just curious about your opinion ;)
    CA Lancia photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-01 04:27
    This site still has rating system?

    CL Klumb3r photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-01 02:55
    he's a meme-man, don't give importance

    CL Klumb3r photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-04-01 01:11

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