Kartrider (2004)

Type: Racing

Developer: Nexon

Publisher: Nexon

Platforms: PC

Damageable vehicles: No


  • Playable Vehicles

    2006 Bentley Continental GTC
    Golden Lodi Kafka
    2006 Bentley Continental GTC
    Lodi Kafka
    1969 Dacia 1301
    UAG-S 9
    2001 Dodge Viper
    Curvy SR
    2001 Dodge Viper
    Curvy Z7
    1958 Edsel Ranger
    Lodi Classic
    2005 Ford Mustang
    Lodi Mercury
    1985 Honda Today
    Pig Bar S X
    2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line
    2011 Land-Rover Range Rover Evoque
    VI 9
    Firetruck 9
    1955 Porsche 550 Spyder
    Lodi Ferdi
    2021 Porsche Taycan
    1986 UAZ 3151
    UAG-I 9
    Pig Bar I X

    Unplayable Vehicles

    Chevrolet Astro


    Author Message

    CN JSYang01

    2021-09-08 15:31
    Speedevil wrote
    I don't think this was released in 2004.

    The initial Korean version launched on June 2004, and most cars are updated later (like GTA Online).

    -- Last edit:
    2021-09-08 15:45:53

    BE Speedevil

    2021-09-08 13:40
    I don't think this was released in 2004.

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