Daytona USA 2 (1998)

Type: Racing

Developer: Sega AM2

Publisher: Sega

Platforms: Arcade

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Playable Vehicles

    1990 Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR
    Hornet Classic Racing
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR
    Chum's Gum Racing
    Ford Thunderbird NASCAR
    Phantom Full-Force Racing
    Pontiac Grand Prix
    Scorpio Plasma Racing

    Unplayable Vehicles

    Dodge Viper
    1997 Ford Thunderbird NASCAR
    1998 Pontiac Grand Prix NASCAR

    Tracks or places:

    US Astro Waterfall Speedway / SEGA International Speedway
    Challenge / MIX
    US Joypolis 2020 Amusement Park
    US New York City


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    ES orimarc

    2021-01-19 17:42
    Why does this appear as "to complete"? There's all the playable tracks and cars...

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