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Made for Game Van

City Racing (2008)
This looks like something from monster's INC
Lexus LS 400

City Racing (2008)
I think its a first gen lexus ls400, but not really, i personally think its hideous.
Made for Game Coupe

City Racing (2008)
The rear kind of looks like a shitty rx7 knockoff, but other than that i have no idea
Chevrolet Corvette

City Racing (2008)
That is definitely a c4 corvette
Nissan 350Z Roadster

Terminator 3: The Redemption (2004)
2008 Nissan Altima cabriolet. definitely.

Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)
Looks like a 2004 Audi A8 to me

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2020-07-04 01:24:31
smart fortwo

Motor World: Car Factory (2015)
That's a Fiat 500, not a Smart Fortwo