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Hennessey Mustang HPE750

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
it's not even a hennessey in reality, it's a watson racing mustang s550 (or ford mustang s550 watson racing?).
Land-Rover Defender

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
AwkwrdPrtMskrt wrote
"Land Rover" is not supposed to be hyphenated.

unfortunately, all of the land rover vehicles are listed that way here.
Ford Crown Victoria

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
Zordid wrote

Everything Black Box did after Pro Street is just as shitty as every game Ghost Games made

ow the edge. undercover is worse than any of the nfs games ghost made tho.
Ford Crown Victoria

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
am i the only nfs payback player who isn't complaining about the lack of free roam cops
Land-Rover Defender

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
speedfreak975 wrote
Where is this abandoned car ?

i won't give too much clues, but it's in a scrapyard.
Nissan Presage

GT Pro Series (2006)
Comfortably Numb wrote
HU30 is Bassara

no, it's still the presage (with a VQ30DE engine). bassara is ju30.
Made for Game Truck

The Sting! (2001)
Klumb3r wrote
What does it say?


Porsche 911 Turbo

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
Klumb3r wrote
[964] or [965]?

after some reading, i found out the "965" moniker either refers to the porsche 969 (a successor to the 959, based from the 964, which never came out of the prototype phase) or, in this case, a 964 turbo.

one reason why the 964 turbo is called a "965" is because specific parts for the 964 turbo have a "965" prefix on their part numbers. it may also be a shorthand term for that porsche too.

but for me, i still think it's a 964 chassis.

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2018-06-13 17:09:29
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi

Test Drive 6 (1999)
AutoTracker wrote
Is that a red 22B when in reality the only color was 555 Sonic Blue Mica?

you can paint the 22b in that game in any color, actually.
Renault Sport R.S. 01

Bolshie Gonki (2012)

brand: Renault
model: Sport R.S. 01

yyyeah, "renault sport" is technically the brand but the rest of the rs 01's in here are listed that way.

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2018-06-10 16:41:30
Opel Astra

Test Drive 6 (1999)
Comfortably Numb wrote

opel. this traffic car doesn't show up in british courses.
MG TC Midget

Horizon Chase (2015)
mg tc?
Panoz AIV Roadster

rFactor 2 (2012)
Razor440 wrote
(i'd do the JoJ all over again)

i'd just like to point out this cs188 reference.
McLaren F1

City Bus (2009)
i definitely see more of a mclaren f1 here
Porsche 961

Hotshot Racing (2020)
Atty.RestyBoholJr. wrote
Porsche 961?

Nissan Leopard J-Férie

Drift It! (2017)
Comfortably Numb wrote

"An" writes only after vowels

no, he's technically correct. people (mostly anglophones) tend to pronounce "r34" as "arr thirty four"... it starts with a vowel sound in it.

why am i teaching grammar in here
Nissan Leaf

Detroit: Become Human (2018)
opel astra k?
Hyundai Sonata

Dr. Driving 2 (2017)
RushCars24 wrote

It's been a long time, but this is NOT a place for shitposting and doing meme things

go tell that to everyone in "the room tribute" game
Lotus Exige

Fast Beat Loop Racer (2011)
that's definitely an exige.
Nismo 270R

ドリフトスピリッツ (2013)
Pongmai510 wrote
1994 Nissan Silvia S14 270R Nismo

no, just nismo 270r (s14).
Aston Martin DBS

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Autobots/Decepticons (2009)
i see more of a '01 v12 vanquish. could also be a dbs.
Chevrolet Camaro SS

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)

ironic that you decided to talk about this on a car that came from a set of dlc cars that came in a pre-ordered game........ for free.

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2018-05-15 15:17:59
Lamborghini Veneno

MMX Racing (2014)
i think it's more of a veneno. yeah yeah i know the veneno is based on the aventador, but a lot of the details are veneno-ish.
BMW Z4 M Coupé

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
model: Z4 M Coupé
chassis: E85
Mercedes-Benz F1 W06 Hybrid

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
not a 2016 f1 car
2015 Mercedes-Benz F1 W06 Hybrid
Mazda 6 Grand-Am

Racing Rivals (2013)
pongmai510 wrote
2014 Mazda 6 Skyactiv-D Race Car.

MINI Cooper Cabrio

FlatOut 2 (2006)
Burnoutgt24 wrote
Jesus christ look at that thing

yeah i know. flamingos are weird birds.
Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Cars 3: Driven to Win (2017)
GamerFIB7590 wrote
Sweet Johnson: What do you know about this? THIS is what it boils down to now
Not only people on this site are ridiculous, but also the community was immature as hell since 2012, the flame wars happened several times since 2015, and the next one that i always witness is BrianMak and i are responsible against trolls, but now i'm the only responsibility

unfortunately, any website with a significant following will always have trolls.

i highly doubt your tactics on dealing with "trolls" is doing the website any favors.
also, you expect to be taken seriously with those pointless quotes/references and that behavior in a serious post?
Dodge Charger

CSR Racing (2012)
Ryan2t4 wrote

jusgtr you replied a 5 years old comment

but in his defence, he answered a question that was left unanswered for 5 years.

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2018-04-29 11:48:24
Honda Odyssey

Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)
i would love to hoon that
Lancia Stratos

Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)
A Gran Turismo car in a Forza videogame due that the suffix is Gr.4 which is very common on Gran Turismo Sport :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Or more like "A car from a PlayStation exclusive franchise in a Xbox console/franchise!!"

i want to correct this badly... but oh, it's a post coming from this guy.
just move past this comment.
Lotus M220

Supercar Street Challenge (2001)
i searched for the game in google and i found out what this lotus is. it's the M220.

according to this book (which features one of the m220's blueprints) and this carthrottle blogpost it was intended to be the esprit's successor but it wasn't developed due to lack of funding (and maybe interest).

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2018-04-20 17:06:41
Fisker Karma

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
Shogo wrote
I think they were going for an Aston Martin Rapide with this model.

... where?
Custom Made Lightning McQueen

Cars: Lightning McQueen's Desert Dash (2006)
Hamzalecho2017 wrote
2003 dodge charger nascar

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 003S

Rocket League (2015)
ferrari enzo?
Opel Manta

TOUGE1995 (2017)
64-46 BMW wrote
Oh dear :D is it just me or did Opel always have this habit of making cars that looks somewhat Asian?

ehh, probably just you.
Audi R8

Driving Academy 2020 Simulator (2016)
RayenGaming wrote
that peugeot wasn't even revealed before they had this car in the game.
Ferrari F355

Music Racer (2018)
pongmai510 wrote

Ferrari F40

Rival Rampage (2017)
ferrari f40?
Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
64-46 BMW wrote
A bit off topic: That blue SUV in the background, surely it's based off the Bentley Beteyga! Aye? :D

oh, the huntley s. that's been in the game since... the beginning? way before the bentayga was even released.
Bugatti 110 PM1

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (1998)
i think i just found out where this assoluto is modeled after.

it's the "bugatti 110 PM1", one of the earliest (artioli era) bugatti concepts. it strongly reminded me of this car in ridge racer.

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2018-03-29 21:22:35
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

'90s Super GP (2016)
AutoTracker wrote
Looks to me like a blend of the SLS AMG and a Dodge Viper.

it is...

i think some people know that the sls amg's test mule was a (2nd gen) viper. this combination could be either a coincidence or the devs/modelers knew it and it's some sort of an easter egg...
Koenigsegg Agera RS

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
speedfreak975 wrote
Not a One:1 [but] an 2017 agera RS...

agree. the agera rs was the k'segg that came to my mind when i saw that.
Shelby GT500 'Eleanor'

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
ThorB0097 wrote

You know that Rockstar make parodies and they never use real life cars

he probably meant that they didn't model it after the original eleanor, which was a '71 ford mustang (sportsroof)
Pontiac Firebird

Far Cry 5 (2018)
Bruisemobile wrote
It doesn't matter. The model year is still wrong.

as if this is a real car...
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
speedfreak975 wrote
This should be deleted alongside all the rest pf them. These were in soft launch. Were deleted on worldwide release

should it? it was once available in the game...
Chevrolet Camaro

Music Racer (2018)
mmm.... no. i still see more of a camaro with a mustang's front end.
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Rival Gears Racing (2016)
more like a lamborghini reventón

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
Rodrigo wrote
why this car isn't playable?

it's likely because it got replaced by the shooting brake variant of it.
Dodge Challenger

Cars: Hotshot Racing (2014)
kojimoto wrote
Boost will never look like an RX-7 in my eyes.

that's ok. snot rod will never look like a 'cuda in my eyes.
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