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Locus Plethore

Burnout Paradise (2008)
This isn't a Locus Pléthore. The design for the Tempesta predates the Pléthore by about an year as seen in this 2006 pre-alpha footage:
Honda Civic

Burnout Revenge (2005)
Tail lights and side view look very close to Aerodeck...
Chevrolet Corvette

City Racing (2008)
Looks like a cross between a C4 Corvette and a 90's Camaro. Made for Game.
Lexus LS 400

City Racing (2008)
This is a first generation Lexus LS400.
Jeep Grand Cherokee

City Racing (2008)
+1 for Cherokee, that grille is unmistakable.
Lexus LS 400

City Racing (2008)
Lexus LS400 (UCF10).
Volkswagen Jetta

World War Z (2019)
I think all of these sedans should be classified as Made For Game because they exchange front and rear designs.

Train Sim World 2020 (2019)
Definitely an Opel, but I don't see that much Rekord in it. Opels of the time shared many styling cues, specially at the front. My money is on the Vauxhall Belmont or Talbot Solara:
Volkswagen unknown

Dead Island: Definitive Edition (2016)
Looks more like a Skoda Octavia II ( to me, with SAAB 9-5 headlights and grille.
McLaren F1

Burnout Revenge (2005)
Agree with AutoTracker, looks exactly like a Spirra from the rear.
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG

Burnout Revenge (2005)
Does no one else see the Ferrari Scaglietti in this? Looks like exactly the same body-style, minus the front-end. Opinions?
Honda Civic

Burnout Revenge (2005)
Looks like an Accord Aerodeck, surprisingly. Opinions?
Toyota MR2

Burnout (2001)
Although the front end does resemble a Lexus, the rest of the car is 100% Civic Del Sol. Please update, Admin.