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Hyundai Kona

Saints Row (2022)
Yeah, seeing it in-game, I stand by my observation of it being a CX-3.
Mazda MX-5

Saints Row (2022)
Looking at this car in-game, I'd say for certain that it's an [NC] Miata with a rear that resembles a BMW Z8.
Ford Explorer

Saints Row (2022)
This vehicle has some interesting modification options, because you can turn it into a pickup truck, and you can even find them spawn with the pickup conversion equipped.
Plymouth Road Runner

Saints Row (2022)
It appears that Volition made a mistake in the game, when it comes to this car, because it's listed in the garage as a Dreadnaught, but the model badge icon says Skorpio.
Mazda Tribute

GT Pro Series (2006)
Origin: US, not Japan. That's how they're listed on IMCDb, and it is basically a rebadged Ford Escape. Even JDM Tributes are listed as US origin on IMCDb.
Daihatsu Move

GT Pro Series (2006)
While the game doesn't mention it, this is absolutely a Move Custom, rather than a standard Move.

The bits that give it away are the rear license plate location (standard Move has it on the bumper, not the liftgate), rear bumper, taillights, headlights, front bumper, and wheels.

But, there's one strange thing about this...everything indicates a 2002-04 Move Custom, except for the wheels, which are facelifted 2004-06 Move Custom wheels.
Mitsubishi GTO

Ridge Racers 2 (2006)
There were Right Hand Drive saying it's not an Eclipse because it's Right Hand Drive is invalid.
Saturn Aura

Crazy Cars: Hit The Road (2015)
Looks more like a Chrysler 300M to me.

Edit: Actually, looking at it closer, it looks MUCH more like a Saturn Aura. It's got the same chrome trim on the trunk, same shape headlights, identical grille and front bumper.

Definitely an Aura.

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Toyota Tacoma

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Probably will. The same snorkel and side step options are available on both the Tundra and 4Runner, so they'll probably be available on the Tacoma, too.

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
Next-Gen consoles are still near impossible for most people to get their hands on because of low stock and scalpers.

If that trend continues by the time this game releases, there won't be many people buying the game, outside of PC players, and not everyone has a high-end PC to play on, either.

Developing a game as a next-gen exclusive at this point in time will certainly hamper it's potential sales numbers, which could be detrimental for future series development.
Grumman-Olson P-800

Saints Row (2022)
Model Name: Munchback
Hyundai Kona

Saints Row (2022)
Model Name: Gibraltar

And it DEFINITELY looks more like a CX-3 than a Kona.
Audi A6

Saints Row (2022)
Model Name: Gentry

Saints Row (2022)

Twenty-three and a half minutes of info on what appears to be some SERIOUSLY in-depth customization, more than any game in the series to date, both with vehicle customization and character customization.

Plenty of looks at some of the cars, many that aren't on here yet.
Plymouth Road Runner

Saints Row (2022)
This isn't the Compton, this is actually a new model called the Dreadnought.
Audi A6

Saints Row (2022)
Looks like I've found this car in the new Ultimate Customization Showcase.

There's a car that looks VERY similar to this that appears for a split second before blowing up. Same side windows, same door handles...VERY Audi-like.'s also the new Eiswolf.
Yamaha G-Series

Saints Row (2022)
Possible it might have a different name, possibly not. Spotted a modified one in the Ultimate Customization Showcase, and it has a different manufacturer on the front, Sumiyaka.

So, it could be known as a Sumiyaka Knoxville or a different model under that manufacturer (similar to Just Cause 4, which had mildly updated cars from JC3, with completely different brands and model names).
Chevrolet Astro

Chasing Static (2021)
I think it's supposed to be a Ford Transit.
Mazda 626

Chasing Static (2021)
Rear from a mid-late 00s Saab 9-3.

Chasing Static (2021)
Front looks like a early-mid 00s Corolla, rear looks a bit like a mid-late 00s Honda Civic or maybe Mitsubishi Lancer. clue.
Cadillac Deville

Chasing Static (2021)
Not sure what the side is supposed to be, but the front and rear textures are DEFINITELY 2000-05 Cadillac DeVille.
Dodge Charger

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (2021)
I love how they basically stuck an Avenger nose on a Charger body.
Wuling Hongguang V

Used Car Tycoon Game (2021)
Fun Fact: The in-game manufacturer is a rearranged reference to the joint venture that builds this vehicle, SGMW, or SAIC-GM-Wuling.
Hudson Hornet

SpotRacers (2018)
Could be a Hudson Wasp, too.
Nissan Qashqai

SpotRacers (2018)
Indeed, Qashqai [J11], 2017+ facelift.
Suzuki Swift

SpotRacers (2018)
Looks to me like a Suzuki Ignis with a rounded rear and the nose of a Baleno.
Wuling Hongguang S

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
MBR wrote
...hopefully geely & chery make it too

Well, in the latest update, someone actually found a Lynk & Co. 03 TCR in the files.

Even though that car might just be in there for future use in a Motorsport title, it shows that Geely products that AREN'T Volvos might be coming in the future.
Wuling Hongguang S

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
This is actually a 2013 model, not a 2020. Everything I'm reading online, info sourced from the Chinese Forza site, says it's a 2013.

I can only imagine what kind of engine swaps are going to be offered for this. I'd bet the 1.5 Turbo Rally and the motorbike engine options will be available for something this size.
Fiat Strada

Gangstar: New York (2023)
Definitely a Hyundai Santa Cruz.
Toyota Camry NASCAR

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Honestly, even though I've read articles talking about it being a Cup car, I honestly think it's actually built from an old ARCA car, or a K&N East or West (now ARCA East or West) car, since those series were using cars like this in 2011, while the Cup Series wasn't.
Dodge Ram NASCAR

Real Simulation Experience (2015)
Yeah, this DEFINITELY isn't a Dodge Ram, rather it's more of a mid-00s Chevrolet Silverado.
Mercedes-AMG GT

Saints Row (2022)
Looks like a modern Nissan Z-Car with a little of one of the Mercedes-AMG GT models in the front end, but modeled in a way to make it look like a classic Z.

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Polaris Sportsman MV850

Battlefield 2042 (2021)
That would be a Sportsman MV850, the military spec version of the Sportsman 850.

Saints Row (2022)
That one's probably the new Shaft, kinda hard to tell exactly what it's based on, specifically.

Maybe an Super Duty, maybe a Chevrolet Silverado.
Jeep Wrangler

Saints Row (2022)
Swindle, likely.
Hyundai Kona

Saints Row (2022)
Honestly, if you ask me, I'm seeing more Mazda CX-3 than Kona in this.

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
carknower wrote
With 30 car brands from FH4 missing in FH5, like Bmw, Alfa Romeo, Mazda and Bugatti this game looks less and less interesting with every update, will be the first Horizon game that i won`t buy.

Repeating my previous comment on here...

The list is incomplete, they'll be updating it over time, leading up to release. It even has a 'last updated' date above the list itself on the Forza website.

The chances that all of the manufacturers not currently on the list not being in the game are slim to none. There's even footage from PG of a BMW being recorded for in-game vehicle audio, as well as a Lancia Stratos.

Quoting directly from the Forza website...

"...but stay tuned, because this isn’t the final list for launch date. We’ll be expanding it with even more cars and manufacturers in the weeks leading up to Nov. 9, so be sure to check back regularly for all the latest updates."

Honestly, it shouldn't be necessary to constantly remind people about this.

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
The list is incomplete, they'll be updating it over time, leading up to release. It even has a 'last updated' date above the list itself on the Forza website.
Morris Minor

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
The Cortina is in, for some reason it was just omitted from the list posted on social media, just like the 917 LH.

If you look at the current list on the website, you'll see the Cortina listed under the Ford models.
Porsche 917 LH

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Pretty strange chain of events with this one.

First, it's left off the launch car list for Porsche, then it shows up in the latest stream, and gets added to the currently incomplete car list on the website.

That tells me it's ommission from the original launch list was accidental.
Ford Bronco Sport

Riders Republic (2021)
Sport should be part of the model name, not as extra info, as the Bronco Sport is a completely separate vehicle from the Bronco.
Land-Rover Defender

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
110X, specifically.

Saints Row (2022)
Well, there are a few good things about the potential of this game. It's not really intended to mimic Fortnite in any way.

The developers listed Baby Driver, Hobbs & Shaw, and John Wick as some of the movies that inspired the kind of action they want in this game.

It's also been stated that they see SR4 as equal to the 007 film Moonraker, as it was so outside the realm of reality, that they had to reel it back in.

The intention is that it goes back to a balance of humor and seriousness seen in SR3, which I think can be appreciated.

Also, the location, an American Southwest theme, feels like part Las Venturas (GTA SA) and part Blaine County (GTA V), with a Saints Row twist.

I'm certainly looking forward to it. Surely it won't be as much a disappointment as Watch Dogs Legion...
Bentley Continental GT3

Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash (2017)
Oh, yeah. Looks to me like a Continental GT3.
Maserati MC12 Corsa

Forza Horizon (2012)
The Corsa is a private customer track-only model, where the GT1 is a class-specific model run by factory-backed teams.
Pontiac GTO

Forza Horizon (2012)
It's actually not on the dashboard, but on the hood itself. And, yes, it's a tachometer.
Buick GNX

Forza Horizon 2 (2014)
GSX stood for Gran Sport eXtra, while GNX stood for Grand National eXperimental.
Ferrari California T

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
Indeed, it does. It's twin-turbocharged.
Ferrari F12tdf

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
HDT Commodore

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
Holden Dealer Team

It was almost literally like HSV, before HSV even existed.
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