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Daewoo Kalos V

RayCity (2006)
Gamer wrote
In 2006, Daewoo was already dead for a year; its a Chevrolet Kalos, not a Daewoo Kalos.

In South Korea (where this game was made) it's a Daewoo.
Studebaker Commander

L.A. Noire (2011)
ShantJ wrote


I'm genuinely curious, as I'd love to see an Avanti in Forza.

Ric Reed, who also owns a clothing line.

Avanti may be owned by someone else entirely though, since there was a separate make that made them after Studebaker died. No idea who has them now, since their website hasn't been touched in five years.
Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Need for Speed: The Run (2011)
Does the McStradale come with fries a drink?

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
ShantJ wrote
Also, as far as I can tell, these were released in 1973. Anyone know for sure?

It's 1971. 1973 saw the birth of the "Batmobile".
International Harvester 1853 FC

DiRT 3 (2011)
gtrfan wrote
why would a bus have a snorkel :??:

1. Are we sure it isn't an exhaust?

2. Why WOULDN'T a bus have a snorkel? :3
Mazda 929

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
ItsaUserName wrote

So? The Infernus is an NSX in this game, a Countach in GTAVC, and a Murcielago/Zonda in GTAIV.

But there is no Lamborghini in San Andreas. While I know, GTA has cars switch real life identities all the time, the fact that there is both a Impala & Crown Vic in GTAIV, and the one you think it looks like is the Impala, doesn't exactly strengthen the "It's a Crown Vic" argument.

Still, it is such a generic 90s sedan blob that it could be many different sedans from that decade. If you want to think it's a Crown Vic, go ahead. I disagree with this site too, but if the overwhelming majority feels it's not a Crown Vic, than it won't be one on the site.
Mazda 929

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
lcpdcv wrote


Plus, the Merit was an Impala, not a Crown Vic. There was a Crown Vic Police car also.
Vauxhall Omega

Gangs of London (2006)
Out of sheer curiosity, I googled 1994 Luxura.

I got this:

I don't see the resemblance at all, but this is one neat looking bus.
Made for Game Kart

Sonic Drift (1994)
A C6.R in 1994? It looks like one on the box, but the resemblance is most likely coincidental.

Maybe Sega was...inspired by the 4th Gen Camaro. No clue what that in game one is. I want to say F50, but that came out a year later. Unless images/doodles/concept showpiece was making the rounds a year earlier, or it went into production in 1994 as a 1995.
Honda Fuya-Jo

Front Mission Evolved (2010)
Or a smaller(?) rounder Honda Fuya-Jo.
Suzuki Kei

Gran Turismo 2 (1999)
ItsaUserName wrote
Hang on a sec, that wheel texture is the same one from Grand Theft Auto 3 isn't it?

Incredibly doubtful. It's based on the real one.

Lots of cars had three spoke wheels in the 90s. Can't remember seeing one recently. Thank goodness.
Made for Game Coupe

San Francisco Rush 2049 (2000)
Plus, I don't think fictional Hot Wheels cars should count since they aren't well, real cars. Unless Hot Wheels built a real life one like the did with the Twin Mill.

Feel free to post resemblances though. Some fake designs are based on real things, so they can help find out what something is.
Choro Q Motors Qi

Choro Q Advance 2 (2002)
I actually know this one.

Takara Quno. Images of this...thing are hard to find, but rest assured, it is real. Not sure if it was ever truly sold to the public in bulk, but they did make it, and you could drive it.
Shelby GT500

Road Wars (2000)
Looks more like an AMC Javelin to me.
Porsche Panamericana

Road Wars (2000)
Porsche Panamericana?
Chevrolet Caprice

Enter the Matrix (2003)
fernando2236 wrote

The Impala doesn't have the fender skirts this one does.

Speaking of which, the Caprice ditched the skirts in 1993, so this is either a 1992 or 1991 as said by Neon.
Renault Clio

Clipping Point (2007)
Takumi wrote
Nissan Micra K11 personnaly

Kaida does sound more Japanese then French, but it looks like Nikko is this games Nissan equivalent. Any other Kaida vehicles? Could help narrow down a company.

(I base this solely on the fact that all the "Toyotas" are made by the same company on this page. So far...)
Ford Taurus

Vanishing Point (2000)
ShantJ wrote
Is it an SHO?

AFAIK, not an SHO.
Koenigsegg CCX

Need for Speed: World (2010)
baldwinvette77 wrote
Cost 75$ not igc.. i mean actual money..... im serious.

And that's the sale price!
Hudson Hornet

Driver: San Francisco (2011)
dodge1970 wrote

Chrysler, because Hudson became part of AMC with Nash, and Chrysler bought AMC for the Jeep brand so in a round about way yes Chrysler has the rights.

Fun Fact: AMC people hate seeing "product of Chrysler" badging on AMC goodies.

Yes, Chrysler you own them and everything associated with them. But you did not make the AMX. Do not take the glory. You can have your own glory with 'Cudas and Chargers.
Dodge Grand Caravan

Driver: San Francisco (2011)
carcrasher88 wrote
Could we possibly get a front and rear picture for this one, too (like the Impala)? I'm quite sure this is an SXT trim, but it would be good to clarify.

I have no screenshot to back it up, but I just checked and it is an SXT.
AMC Pacer

Driver: San Francisco (2011)
Gamer wrote

What sort of joke is this, huh?

Ummm...that was posted in July. I'm sure the picture then was not as good as now.
Made for Game Trackless Tram

Need for Speed II (1997)
RacingFreak wrote

Nope, this is Made For Game, because 8 wheeled bus doesn't exist in real.


There is no way this is the same one as the game though.
Cadillac Eldorado

The Fall: Last Days of Gaia (2004)
G Body Grand Prix?
AMC Gremlin

Car Town (2010)
Husemag24 wrote
guys i got one of this and i am going to sell it this car is super me keep collecting coins for a better cars

Sometimes there's more to a car than just how fast it is.

This is one of those cars.
Toyota Prius

Gran Turismo 2 (1999)
Hidden race mod:

Evidently, the game can't let you have CVT & a race mod at the same time, so if you want it, you'll have to switch the drive train with something else using a cheat device. .
Abarth 500

Driver: San Francisco (2011)
SolanaBogon wrote
I don't see a Fiat 500 in the streets of SF :/

They should be there. They sell them in the states now. Not the Abarth, but the regular one is most definitely available.
Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
J-2 wrote
The good thing is, if you had this in FM3 (Wasnt an unicorn back then) when you import your FM3 Profile, all cars you had then which are now unicorns, are transfered too, so at least, i can have a very good bunch of unicorns.

Actually, not all unicorns transfer over. Just this, the Gallardo SL, the S204, 69 Camaro SS, RX-7 Spirit A and HKS Evo. The rest must be bought on the auction house. Still, some unicorns are better than none.
Scion tC

Shift 2: Unleashed (2011)
Mark0 wrote
That flammy thing is Exhaust set on hood to help car better 'breed'. This thing is Chris Rado Time Attack car.

And that front spoiler is functional.

Oh how we laughed at it. Than he raced and he shut us up.
Volkswagen Gol

Car Town (2010)
Bullit11 wrote
Just adding information to what is already here

Also, this car means a lot to us (to me at least xD)

Personally, I find information on cars we don't get in the states (even in rebadged form) to be interesting. The
"Forbidden Fruit" thing. Takumi probably sees Clios everywhere he goes. They never came to the U.S., so even the most normal and basic Clios are interesting to me. Heck, saw a Alfa 156 a while back (IN THE U.S. On diplomat plates) and flipped out. Those of you who live in places where the 156 is common don't do that. But for me, it was special.
Toyota Prius

Saints Row: The Third (2011)
RVR72GV wrote
Stock version
The front looks like...something, I can't remember :\

There's a bit of Kia Optima in the grill. Is that what you're seeing?
Facel Vga HK500

Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999)
ShantJ wrote
Really, it could be anything. I do love the HK500, though.

Even if isn't an HK500, any reason to post a photo of one is a good one.
De Lorean DMC-12

FlatOut 2 (2006)
jp147 wrote
what is with the rear engine front wheel drive? the makers of this game must have been on drugs.

Buckminster Fuller was on drugs than...
Porsche 918 RSR

Need for Speed: The Run (2011)
J-2 wrote
Thats what im waiting for. The deal have to end some day...

I've heard it's supposed to end next month, and according to other people, since no one has said they've renewed it (because deals like this tend to be bragged about in advance), the deal is probably finished and Porsche can go elsewhere.
Porsche 918 RSR

Need for Speed: The Run (2011)
J-2 wrote
Also, Forza 3 had 35 Porsches. This, just 4.

And only the new exciting ones. Forza treated Porsche with respect to their heritage. EA is just like "Look! New Porsches! They are fast, expensive and shiny! Very shiny! Ooooooo...."

I realize that the vast majority of people probably don't care about the heritage, they just know that Porsches are fast and fast cars are cool, therefore, Porsches are cool, so I kinda get EA's reasoning in not putting in vintage 911s. Don't get me wrong, I like the new stuff, but put a 2012 911 next to a 1973, and chances are I won't even look at the modern car.

But man, why does Porsche itself agree to this cheapening of their image?
Porsche 918 RSR

Need for Speed: The Run (2011)
Scooter8299 wrote

I'm sorry for double post, but just HOW is Jack supposed to get one of those and then drive it on the road, coz its not road legal (is it?)


How does Tanner have a 2010 Alfa Giuletta in San Francisco? How does Vito own the world's only Lincoln Futura before it even existed? I try not to let things like this bother me unless the game is trying to be "SUPER REALISTIC".

Still, maybe there's a mission where Jack steals it from a car show or something.
Audi R8

Need for Speed: The Run (2011)
Scooter8299 wrote

Wrong. Both GT5 and S2U have the 4.2 R8.

Forza 3 as well.

There's others, but I don't really count games that came out when the 4.2 was the only R8 available.
GMC L'Universelle

The Sims 3 (2009)
My brain immediately went 1971 Starstreak.
Bentley 8 Litre

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
J-2 wrote
Maybe technical problems, with the psysics, the sure they have a reason.

Upon seeing that it has open/fenderless wheels, this is probably why it isn't playable. T10 have said that the physics engine doesn't really work with open wheel cars. Whether is causes it to slow down, damage issues or something else altogether, cars like this and Caterhams, Atoms and F1 cars can't be raced in Forza 4.
Suzuki Grand Vitara Pikes Peak

RalliSport Challenge (2002)
The Escudo and Grand Vitara are the same car (sometimes) in different markets. This time Suzuki raced it as the Grand Vitara, not Escudo. The rear window says Grand Vitara.
Toyota 222D

Sega GT 2002 (2002)
This is NOT a group B car though.

It was made for Group S, which, as sajmon said, never launched.
Mazda RX-7

Sega GT 2002 (2002)
Ritsu Tainaka wrote

Yeah, like Gran Turismo didn't include this car.

There was one in GT2.

Loved it.
Mercedes-Benz ML

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
joistickeros wrote
FRIENDS my English is not good but I take all the cars to the garage of Steve but not how to get the serrano, how I can?

It's only in "The Ballad of Gay Tony" DLC. If you do have it, GTA Wiki says you can call Henrique after the "I Luv LC" mission and ask him to get you one.
Volvo 244 GLE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994)
Made for Game Custom Vehicle

Battle Cars (1993)
Stealing someone else's images from Gamefaqs is totally awesome.
Isuzu Rodeo

The Need for Speed (1994)
Judging by what looks like a slightly sloping rear hatch, I'd say it's more Rodeo than Trooper.
Aston Martin One-77

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)

Yellow car on the right looks familiar...
Hot Wheels Jaded

Hot Wheels: Velocity X (2002)
Technically, wouldn't this actually be a "Henry J" or "Kaiser Henry J"?
Hot Wheels Phantastique

Hot Wheels: Bash Arena (2002)
More of a Delahaye Type 165.
Hot Wheels Track T

Hot Wheels: Bash Arena (2002)
Always thought this was based on a Model T, only because of the name.
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