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smart forstars

Horizon Chase 2 (2022)
Silhouette of Smart ForFour, with the front resembling 2022 Lancia Ypsilon.
Audi A6

Saints Row (2022)
cherrier_vivace wrote
Mercedes S klasse?

It could be a Genesis...

Ramp Car Jumping (2019)
fajnygosciu1234 wrote
there is damage when you crash into the ground

Yeah, but i forgot to check it on...

Ramp Car Jumping (2019)
FYI, the list is not complete yet...

Ramp Car Jumping (2019)
How to obtain a unlockable car: You have to wait for each 12 hours, or watch an ad, to get a car from the one above the "CHANGE CAR (text can vary in different languages), so you'll get the next car after the current one. As you have the second car from the game, as well as other next ones, except for the very last car in the game, it's your latest vehicle (for example, you start the game with the Ford Mustang above, that your current car at the beginning, you need next 12 hours for the next car, LaFerrari, then, it will be your current car. As Laferrari now being your current car (you can change it if you wish) and the latest car you have, from the latest car (LaFerrari), next one is a Cybertruck, and it needs 12 hours or a video to be unlockable
The car list in the game shows you the vehicles from first ones (like Mustang you have), all the way to the very last car (like the Lancia Stratos). The car names first have the "Car" text, and a number on the right of the text that goes from 1 to next greater numbers (like 3, 5, 10). Each 12 hours, a car with a greater number (eg Car 2) with unlock. It goes all the way to the very last car. Alternatively, you can watch an advertisement to unlock a car.
The "rare" vehicles are a different story, you know...

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
ppfang wrote
Interestingly, in 2000s GTA games, four door BMW’s in game counterpart is also named “Sentinel”

Yup, this is kinda freakish.

Crayola Design & Drive (2014)
Too underrated af
Hoonigan Hoonicorn RTR Gymkhana 10

Hot Slide (2021)
Good ol' Hoonicorn V2 RTR...

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Nissan GT-R Super GT

Hotshot Racing (2020)
The front is out of the GTR for me.

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash (2020)
The icon should have been replaced with the black background with a white text saying ¨no.¨, to have it look more based on what's ¨they even knew about what is it¨, for at least a while.