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Ford Mustang

Dr. Driving 2 (2017)
Where did the surname came from? Theres no single info about this car
Acura RDX

Driving School Sim (2020)
What's updated about this car? Why it came up first on the "Recently Updated"?
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
Silnev wrote
Gotta love how the entry image is some random render.
Loading the model on a 3D program is even harder than playing a modded savegame
Nissan Teana

Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (2020)
So if this should be listed as Teana,it would be the 2014 facelift not the 2008.Because the front fascia looks closer to 2014
MINI Cooper

Shakedown: Hawaii (2019)
ahadikaputra wrote
Yes,Cooper Coupe

IGCD Future releases and to do list (2023)
Attacker1997 wrote

You can do this by clicking on Makes and selecting the country of origin
I know,i just recently discovered the thing.But the old name tapping feature is more simple and faster

IGCD Future releases and to do list (2023)
ahadikaputra wrote
request for igcd v3:
1. more translation
2. a feature to see other people's bio and view comments from an account (like before)
3. see the comments we've posted
4. a page for comments on a car page
5. have more modern UI in menu (actually thats not important so much to me)

sorry if my english bad

Also add the old feature where we can tap on the car's make and model to see the full list of a brand.For example theres a Ford Focus,if i tap on "Ford" it will show all Fords on the site and if i tap "Focus" it wi show all Focuses

MadOut Open City (2015)
How do we supposed to list old Ladas? As a VAZ or as a Lada?
Nissan Teana

Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (2020)
The rear has the styling cues of the Ben from AFC11:BW :D
So its clear that this is a W204

IGCD Future releases and to do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote

This wasn't accepted also. For the others i don't know. The rule is for stolen asset from other game, we don't accept them.
I'm not sure Drift No Limits have stolen cars since theres no other games featuring the exact 3D model as what featured in DNL,i'm thinking those cars are made by the Saudis or a downgraded version from cgtrader models
Subaru Impreza

DiRT 3 (2011)
Looks like a Corolla E100 for me

DiRT 3 (2011)
2003 Renault Clio is the closest i can find

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Hot Rod Racers (2014)
Edit : This game is not available on Android

IGCD Future releases and to do list (2023)
I don't understand how does the game listing works.Why does some rubbish like "free backlink" posted by @feng090 is accepted while the saudi drifting game and the Indonesian racing game i posted is declined with no reasons?

Gran Turismo (2009)
Hmm... i'm looking forward to fill the empty spaces,or replacing those phone camera snapped pics.As i had this game in ppsspp

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Honda Beat

Gran Turismo (2009)
ahadikaputra wrote
Alif R profile picture?
Yes,exactly :) it was
Proton Pert

Xpand Rally (2004)
ahadikaputra wrote
huh, did proton ever make this car? wow I don't even know
:think: :lol:
Actually its called Proton PERT (Petronas Eon Racing Team) in real life the model itself does not exist,basically its a rebadged Lancer Evolution VI
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (2020)
This car looks too generic for a Prado
Toyota Alphard

Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (2020)
2014 Elgrand,Not Alphard

Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)
generalrusty78 wrote

Because Future
Yeah in the future we will get 80s cars with body armors and LED lights
Fiat X1/9

Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)
@Manic_D Maybe next time you should put your pics on imgur or imgbb,then just put the link here.Its not a problem if people needs to click on the image link :)

Miami Traffic III (2014)
AHotWheelsCollector wrote
What even is this?

2014 PC game that looks like a 90s game lol
Mitsubishi Lancer

Cities: Skylines (2015)
ahadikaputra wrote

seriously? wheres TheGreaser now?
Another mystery which i didn't know until now.Both TheGreaser and RushCars24 is disappearing after IGCD V3,idk if someone on Discord know the exact reason as me and even TheGreaser don't have Discord

Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)
rozanoff wrote

W203 with Corolla (E90) tailligihts.
I think W203 is too small and too round for this
Hino Dutro

Mobile Bus Simulator (2018)
Hino Dutro (300) with Hino Ranger (500) textures
Adiputro Jetbus SHD 2+

Mobile Bus Simulator (2018)
Attacker1997 wrote
Maybe a Marcopolo Paradiso G7?
No,its a Jetbus SHD2+ made by Adiputro Coachbuilder.Weirdly this bus had the same height as the Jetbus SDD2+ (double decker) which makes this as a Jetbus UHD2+ that didn't exist at that time
Chevrolet Chevy Van

Marvel Strike Force (2018)
ahadikaputra wrote
wait, what happens to RushCars24?
Someone said he left IGCD for a moment because the new layout sucks for him.Idk why his comment is removed
Made for Game Van

Mobile Bus Simulator (2018)
ahadikaputra wrote
i know its looks like avanza, but its too generic
Looks like a mashup of 1st gen Avanza and 1st gen Innova.Bigger than Avanza but smaller than Innova,maybe a Toyota mpv with the size of Wuling Cortez (Baojun 730) :D
Ford Crown Victoria

Mobile Bus Simulator (2018)
Lol a Crown Victoria in Indonesia :lol:
Adiputro Jetbus SHD 2+

Mobile Bus Simulator (2018)
Scania K410iB or Mercedes 0C500RF 2542?
Chevrolet Express

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011)
ahadikaputra wrote
Not gmc savana?
Smaller nose and look at the fascia

Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)
Looks like a W211 E-Class on the side with small E39 taillights.The proportion failure makes this hard

Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)
AHotWheelsCollector wrote
Looks like a malformed Bronco. Can somebody give me this car's grill texture because it looks like it has some writing. Not sure why it's labeled as a Coupe though.
From here the writing looks like "UBER" but it doesn't make sense lol,maybe its a Russian text?

Truck Driver (2019)
This reminds me of the old ETS2.At the early launch they only had MAN Trucks license,so for the other trucks they used fictional logos and names

Driving School Sim (2020)
In-game proportion looks more boxy than the real one
Fiat Palio

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO (2016)
Auto-Friki wrote
It looks like paper.
Maybe the 3D model is based off a papercraft template :)

ˇGana una moto! (2019)
2005 KIA Pride
Suzuki Jimny

Offroad Outlaws (2017)
ViolentFemme_207 wrote

Can you stop spamming around mentioning false car names? You even do that to cars that was identified long time ago.This is obviously an SJ40 Jimny
Volkswagen Crafter

Driving School Sim (2020)
Replacement pic

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Driving School Sim (2020)
Replacement pic

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2020-10-11 06:03:18
Cadillac Escalade

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
ViolentFemme_207 wrote

yea like what the fuck was he thinking
lol you just replied to an 8-years old comment

IGCD Future releases and to do list (2023)
Finally i can get back to this account.If you didn't know,this is the old account of Alif R.I know maybe i went to far with logging in to this account after i had 570-ish point on the new account,but its ok :D
Toyota Corolla Levin

Drift Tuner Racing (2016)
Its an AE85,see the headlamp
Kia Sedona

3D Un-jeon Gyo-sil (2016)
Kia Sedona
Chevrolet Avalanche

Real Car Drift Simulator (2017)
This model is a cheap models that popuraly used in Unity based games
Renault Duster

Real Car Driving Experience (2018)
2013 Santafe with Renegade backlights
Isuzu LT 134 P

Driving Academy UK (2017)
The front is Setra,the back is Irizar
Dodge Challenger

Car Driving School Simulator (2017)
The car in the walls is Mercedes SLK
Ford F-150

Sports Car Wash
Ford F150
Mercedes-Benz Travego

Taxi Sim 2016 (2016)
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