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Night Runners (2022)
Killercar34 wrote
Was there also a Porsche 911?

There aren't any updates to this entry ever since, until the Prologue version recently comes in... The following screenshots shown dates back to the early days of its development BEFORE the Prologue's Patreon/Itch release, resulting things like a Porsche, including what also spotted a S15 Silvia and a Mark II.

Be patience, someone will probably update this soon with the Prologue version.
Daihatsu Move

The Crew: Motorfest (2023)
What rules out a Daihatsu Move?
Kawasaki Zephyr

Ryū ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumono (2010)
Not a motorcycle expert, but we know that there are many versions of the Zephyr, ranging from 750 to 1100 to among others. Best to leave the model name simply as Zephyr without knowing which version when the devs modeled one that is generic and less similar than any specific versions of that aforementioned model.
Kawasaki Zephyr

Ryū Ga Gotoku 7 Gaiden - Na wo Keshita Otoko (2023)
Modified version of this bike:

Stock version is currently listed as a Kawasaki Zephyr in other listings of previous Yakuza installments, at least for now:
Isuzu Giga

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (2014)
No, Isuzu Giga, that's the same model used in Yakuza/Like a Dragon games:
Toyota Crown Comfort

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (2014)
Agreed, same model from Yakuza series, only appearing from Yakuza 3 to Yakuza 5, excluding the newer Dragon Engine installments (including the Judgment spin-off):
Toyota Alphard

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
I wasn't expect to see this in this game! As an Indonesian, these were very common here, it's the symbol of luxury transportation for all Indonesian sultans. :love:

Depicted as a 4WD in-game, which means, per Goo-Net, the chassis code for the 3.5 V6 with 4WD system is [GGH35W].
Toyota Corolla

171 (2024)
Looks like they've took a few elements from the E170 Corollas, and applied them to the current E210. Especially when I look at the front fascia, which bears similarities to the pre-facelift North American E170 Corollas, for example.
Western Star 57X

American Truck Simulator (2016)
@TheGreaser - BTW, you don't need to copy my style of screenshots for future playable trucks like you are doing here, you can think of your own. Something that I did after seeing the pics by @Twilight Sparkplug. You need to differ your style greater than me and Twilight. Not always necessary to build a real "hero" specification replica like what I mostly do.

Some users may sometimes think you are stealing my pics if you're keep going. :lol:
Ford F-150 Raptor

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
For 2017 MY.
Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
Not necessary to list as a 2015, it's reused. Reverting to 2013.
Chevrolet Express

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
Not necessary to list as a 2006, it's reused. Reverting to 2003.
Nissan Leaf

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
Daboi492 wrote
First licensed 2nd gen production Leaf in a game

Took many years for many video game companies to propose Nissan to license that thing.

This is also the replacement for the old Ford Crown Vic taxicab from the previous installments. It was a major upgrade for an AI taxicab.
Mercedes-Benz 190 E

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
Doesn't look like an Evolution II at all. This is just a normal 190E 2.5-16 being modified to look like a Evo II. The official car list and the video of its IRL counterpart's modification showcase didn't mentioned this as an Evolution II.

Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
nonoji2002 wrote

I found Nissan Leaf Taxi at 0:36.

Nice catch, added it.
Western Star 57X

American Truck Simulator (2016)
Forgot that the 57X was here before. :D

I haven't tested this yet in-game, I'm currently not very often on booting up ATS right now. I get it that it just a Freightliner Cascadia with a different front fascia, but hey, since Daimler owns both Freightliner and Western Star, sharing parts ain't a big problem, as long you'll be getting spare parts much more easier than before.
Cadillac Escalade

American Truck Simulator (2016)
Sorry for the wait. I have sadly lost interest on this site due to the comments whitelisting wasn't fixed for years, resulting I gave up contributing anything because they didn't fix that.

If anyone would continue my legacy of my old contributions, then I'll let y'all do it, I'll be still here and mostly go online at IGCD's Discord server, it is where I laying low until this comment invisibility has gone away. I have seen even more users affected this.
Mercedes-Benz GLS

American Truck Simulator (2016)
I wasn't expecting a current generation GLS-Class appeared in one of SCS games after reading the El Paso blog post. Since it's been a long time I'm here, just checked that Spot Racers has one in-game, based on its entry here.

To be honest, I found SCS went too early to put the GLS in ATS, it would be better to put it in ETS 2 first, the reasons why? Built plants, why.

Considering ATS is currently sets in the U.S. "for now" and knowing the current GLS-Class is manufactured in the U.S., with Thailand and Indonesia being the backups, its appearance in the upcoming Texas DLC update looks an improper surprise, as these were built in Alabama. SCS should've put AI cars based on one of the GM T1XX siblings and one of the U.S. designed Toyota TNGA-F trucks (Tundra and/or Sequoia), as those such vehicles are built in Texas, fitting the DLC hype. Considering we've already seen the GMT900 versions of the Cadillac Escalade and GMC Sierra, I thought of an idea where SCS put like, a newer third gen Tundra and the previous second gen Tundra together as an evolution surprise, the earlier can be seen in both AI and cargo models, same happens if I'd imagine the Tahoe, but the GMT900, K2XX and T1XX guises appeared in the game together, with the T1XX models being serving both AI and cargo.

I'd remember on submitting a research tip post to SCS about the GM and Toyota's factories in Texas at their official forums, including current models that were produced in those factories. Probably, the GLS' appearance here is something has to do when the time is for Alabama DLC.
Cadillac Escalade

Def Jam: Fight for NY (2004)
Actually, it's the console model version of this.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
Here I have uploaded the new-gen XF finally, better be late than never. Sorry for the very long delay, guys. :whistle:
Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (2013)
TheGreaser wrote
Didn't Twingo say he was going to do this entry as it was mentioned on the main page?

Twingo didn't copy J-2's style, that's why I'm taking this in, his Wendover pics are placeholders but the mods can't let me to replace his Wendover placeholders.
TANK 300

王牌競速 (2020)
Didn't expecting this, the first TANK 300 on the site, formerly known as the WEY TANK 300 before Great Wall Motors (GWM) spun off the TANK brand as a marque focusing on off-road vehicles, yes, if North America has Jeep, then China has this now.

It is built on a ladder-frame chassis that was also used on the GWM Cannon/P-Series/Poer/Ute pickup truck, it's a good sign there, as you want to develop a vehicle that would complete with the Jeep Wrangler JL, the new Ford Bronco and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, then a ladder-frame chassis is the best choice to do it, rather than the monocoque that was used on the new Land Rover Defender (I have no bias to the Defender, I'm still liking that car, no matter what)

The design-wise, typical Chinese but this boxy styling is very typical for these off-road vehicles, I see a mix of the JL Wrangler and the G-Wagen in it, while the front is kinda like the new Bronco. But thankfully, GWM have manage to play it safe on the design to avoid getting copyrighted from the foreign manufacturers, or else, they will be like the Mahindra Thar and Roxor. Its size is smaller than the JL Wrangler, G-Wagen, the Defender (if you didn't count the 90 version) and the Bronco. That size makes me think this would also complete the Suzuki Jimny JB74 (until the four-door version arrived) or the Lada Niva Legend (kinda sad they've killed the four-door version).

The engine of this? It's a 2.0T I4, codenamed GW4C20NT, this engine was already seen on the WEY premium crossovers. 227 HP (167 kW) power output and a top speed of 106 MPH (170 km/h) is actually not that bad for a mid-size off-roader, but not that powerful as the 2.0T Hurricane I4 found on the current JL Wrangler, but again it's fine.

Knowing this game is from China, an appearance of this car in western video games is in a low expectations right now. It's not like the The Grand Tour video game.

Back to reality, in China, this thing is almost a hot-seller, although I couldn't find the 2021 final sales figure of this, but based on the numbers, it's not that bad, seems GWM is kinda working hard to fulfill the high demand in there. The sales success of the TANK 300 in China have also resulted GWM expands its availability to the world, an example that it will be available in Australia by 2022 (this year, of course)
XPeng P7

王牌競速 (2020)
Another unexpected appearance, the first Xpeng on the site and the first P7, again, starting with a Chinese mobile game for that. Full company name being Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co Ltd, Xpeng is one of those Chinese electric car startups, it was founded in 2014. The P7 here is their second model, their first model was a compact electric crossover, the G3 (has nothing to do with the Aveo-based Pontiac G3)

The P7 is a mid-size sedan, which means, it completes with the Tesla Model 3. Its range is about 349 to 439 miles (562 to 706 km) as Xpeng claims on the NEDC driving cycle. Initially, it uses Ternary lithium battery at launch, a 2021 update brings a Lithium iron phosphate battery supplied by CATL. The P7 uses a Level-3 autonomous self-driving system. Apart from China, it was also sold in Europe, starting with Norway.

Knowing the Model 3 has appeared in a few games currently like Tesla Motors Simulator, Beach Buggy Racing 2 and even the Chinese release of PUBG Mobile, it is still unlikely if Xpeng models would make an appearance in western video games, but I'd highly doubt they will.
Wuling Hongguang MINI EV

王牌競速 (2020)
Yep, here we have the first Hongguang Mini EV on the site, first introduced in 2020 in reality, the Hongguang Mini EV is an electric microcar, obviously kinda similar to the Smart ForTwo (now as the Smart EQ ForTwo), which still one of my favorite microcars even during the electric era. Mind to excuse me for this long-a** comment below...

The Hongguang Mini EV is a little bit bigger than the ForTwo but its width is smaller than the ForTwo, according to Wuling, it took twelve months to develop and design this little thing. Unlike the ForTwo, you can fit four people in this thing, like what you do on the Smart ForFour but here on the Hongguang Mini EV, there's no extra two rear doors. Its electric motor is a single-motor lithium polymer battery, again because of its size (the EQ ForTwo does the same thing), NEDC range is around 75 miles (120 km) on a 9.2 kWh battery to 110 miles (170 km) on a 13.8kWh battery.

Its power figures? Well, you would be surprised, its power output is 17.4 HP (13 kW), typical for an electric microcar, unlike those JDM kei cars. Its top speed reaches to 62 MPH (100 km/h). Knowing this mobile game is in the racing genre, it might be so weird this car exist in this game.

It is China's cheapest electric car you can buy, it starts from US$4.162 (26.45 yuan), and if you go with a fully-loaded, total price is US$5.607 (35.64 yuan).

Its affordability and simplicity makes a huge surprise since its initial launch, it become China's top-selling electric car, beating the Tesla Model 3, and also, one of world's top selling plug-in car. Over 400,000 units were sold. These were sold like five to one according to Fully Charged, if Tesla sold one Model 3 per day, then Wuling can sold five Mini EVs each day (almost like a supermarket item)

The success leads Wuling introduces more iterations of the Mini EV. This includes like the Macaron, a premium variant with three exclusive body colors from Pantone Universe and a power bump to 27 HP (20 kW) and 62.7 pound-feet (85 Nm) of torque. A cabriolet variant is planned in this year. It even saw some competition from its local rivals in China, Chery introduces the QQ Ice Cream, while Dongfeng has recently unveiled the Fengguang Mini EV. The Baojun E100, E200 (now known as the Nano EV) and the E300 (now known as the KiWi EV) are the Baojun counterparts of this car.

It was expanded its availability to Europe with a partnership of Latvian-based Dartz Motorz Company, where it will be sold as the Freze Nikrob (coupe version) and the Freze Froggy (cabriolet version), while locally assembled in there by the Lithuanian-based Nikrob. The Mini EV's next expansion journey is Indonesia, where Wuling announces the local Indonesian production of the Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV), the platform that the Mini EV uses, for this year. Four Mini EV Macarons were imported to Indonesia (along with a Baojun KiWi EV) for some showcase in auto shows, and I've already met two of them at the last November's 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show.
Toyota HiAce

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
How this can be 2017 when this second facelift came out in 2013?

Cinematic purpose only (probably they would make their own version for the gameplay), source model:
Toyota Crown Comfort

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
Because this is taken in a cinematic trailer, then it would be a purchased 3D model that definitely not going to be in the gameplay (could be replaced by a similar one made by the devs themselves), here's the source model:

Also, how's this can be classified as a Limousine when it is a taxicab? It's a Sedan.
Toyota Innova

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
The same model used by Ubisoft for the cinematic trailer of 2014's The Crew (later appeared in the final cutscene of that game):

(@Speedy17, you're wrong, this car appeared in the cutscenes of the FIRST installment of The Crew from 2014, NOT the second installment)

Guess KT Racing will be the second game developers after Ubisoft who are using this model for their cinematic previews for their games.

Keep it mind, this is a cinematic video, so this car won't be appeared in-game but likely only seen in one of the game's cutscenes in the similar vein as the first installment of The Crew, only if they reused that cinematic video, but again we don't know why. This is just a model that is purchased online for cinematic purposes and speaking of the model, it's a Hum3D model:
Subaru Outback

Saints Row 2 (2008)
The official chassis code of the station wagon bodystyle for the second generation Legacy and Outback is actually BH. BE is only for the sedan.
Chevrolet G-20

American Truck Simulator (2016)
The info on the Downloadable Vehicle box should correctly says "Part of Patch 1.40 update." to match the other entries of this game, stop rejecting my edit, "Part of a 1.40 Patch Update" is a grammar error and doesn't fit.
Toyota GR86

Gran Turismo Sport (2017)
That was fast, I'm actually expecting that Gran Turismo should be the first to bring this car before the other games do, and so they did it finally.

If the GR 86 is in the game, then the Subaru BRZ will follow later in a future update, then after the BRZ, it will be joined by the now-rumored and upcoming Lexus UC.
Ford Bronco

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Finally, we've got a 2021 Ford Bronco in Forza as a surprise, but I'll get to its Forza appearance just a second later on as I want share my thoughts about the new Bronco, ever since it's unveiling last year, I was so blown away with it, the "truck" looked bada** on any angle, the engine is not quite that bad, the 2.7L Ecoboost Twin-Turbo V6 has proven its power and efficiency ever since it was introduced on the 2015 Ford F-150, because Ford tuned that engine for the Bronco, I'm sure that 100% the 2.7L TT Ecoboost V6 can handle this beast much better. I'm also can't believe that Ford is introducing Bronco as a family lineup, the family includes the two-door (just like the original Bronco from the 60s to 90s), a four-door and a smaller downsized version that everyone knows that as the "Baby Bronco", the Bronco Sport. To be honest, I prefer both two-door and four-door on the big Bronco, no matter what, the Bronco Sport is fine. About its heritage, Ford nailed the Bronco heritage right, they've made the new 2020 Bronco to look similar to the original 1966 Bronco, which it's a good sign, or else, the Bronco fans would be mad if they didn't do that. Take a look at Chevrolet, turning the Blazer into a Camaro-inspired crossover and the Trailblazer into a pint-sized crossover in order to catch the Hyundai Venue, that's a missed opportunity and I'm glad that Ford didn't follow Chevrolet and made the Bronco right to its heritage, even thought there's also the Bronco Sport next to the bigger Bronco, but I'm sure that the Bronco Sport will squash the Trailblazer like its bigger brother locking on for the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Defender.

On the other hand, for its Forza appearance, I'm kinda surprised that Turn10 brought this beast finally for Horizon 5 in order to introduce the Mexico setting for this game and it might be better than having four Broncos?! We've got the Brocky that belongs to Vaughn Gittin Jr., then the Baja 1000-ready Bronco R Concept that previews the 2021 Bronco's design, the OG 1975 Bronco and now this 2021 Bronco, looks like this Horizon Festival is also going to be a Bronco Party right here. As Carcrasher88 speculate, this Bronco has the Sasquach package, but the trim level is unknown. Since this 2021 Bronco is a two-door, might likely we won't get the four-door version but it would nice to have the four-door version as well to complete family, I don't think we're also not getting the Bronco Sport due to its Baby Bronco nature (it is build on the same platform as the fourth generation Escape and now, the new 2022 Maverick pickup truck)

And, one more thing, I would like to see if the 2021 Bronco could make it to Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, I know that's a racing game about experiencing the rich lifestyle as an automotive enthusiast with high-expensive cars (the Bronco is not one of them), but I would like see this new Bronco appeared in that game, I could tear up the TDU:SC map with this thing while enjoying the physics from the same engine used on WRC 9.
Land-Rover Defender

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Due to Ultimate Offroad Simulator has been removed due to site's changes on listing mobile games, this is now the first L663 Defender on site... for now. Of course, it's licensed too, that makes sense (I don't care if the first entry of a new car model can be licensed or unlicensed, whatever if it's either those two, would make that at the first on the site), who knows when will the second game appearance of the L663 ever come, better wait and see. As I've mentioned on the old entry of the L663 from Ultimate Offroad Simulator before its deletion, this new gen is not that bad, Land Rover have nailed its heritage right.

Now, we don't know which trim level that is going to appear in-game, but I'm sure it is mostly the P400e, because it cannot be the P525 for that fast.

In the other hand, speaking of a second video game appearance, I would like to hold my beer if the L663 also appears in Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, joining the Range Rover SVR that is already confirmed in there, I could visit the TDU:SC's Land Rover dealership even more proper if they have two or more Land Rover models showcased in their showroom, rather just only one.
Porsche Taycan Turbo

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Finally, after 10 Taycan's video game appearances since Gran Turismo Sport, we can now drive Porsche's ever popular electric sedan in the Forza universe.

Also, because Horizon 5 is set in Mexico, I wasn't surprised that they've picked the original Taycan sedan over its Cross Turismo counterpart. It might be inappropriate if we didn't get the Taycan Cross Turismo as well in a game that has a lot of offroad trails and a desert.
Mercedes-AMG ONE

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Finally, the real-life Benefactor Krieger, now in it's production form! Well, I can tell that because that red color is probably the closest one we can get, Mercedes-Benz says that 2021 will be the year for its production to commerce, only if it's not delayed. I'm sure this will be Horizon 5's cover car. If y'all don't know what this thing is powering, it's actually a modern F1 engine, a PU106C Hybrid E-Turbo V6, basically, one ICE engine and four electric motors, yes, you've heard that already, that's because the AMG ONE has... a MO POWA BABY!

A whooping 1,200+HP! Again, this thing is one of those cars being inspired by Formula 1, also, if that happened based on what I've speculated earlier, it will be the second F1-inspired hypercar to be featured on the cover art for the Forza Horizon series, first being the McLaren Senna. Well, with all of that horsepower, Devel Sixteen has lost all of its bet since its cancellation, SSC Tuatara, Koenigsegg Jesko and Bugatti Chiron better watch out for that. Mercedes-AMG will be building the AMG ONE with 275 units and it will be priced at US$2.72 million.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
As I've already mentioned earlier on the original XG, the truck was first teased for the game by spy-shot-like screenshots from SCS Official Blog about two weeks ago (the real-life camouflaged prototype model was already spotted before IRL about a month back before this blog post appeared):

Only XG and XG+ is available for now, the XF may come later. The 4x2 chassis is the only chassis available at launch. I made this separate entry for the XG+ because DAF wants us that the cab configs available for the New-Generation DAF models were separate models of their own and I just don't know why, again, we just roll with it anyway.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
This was first teased for the game by spy-shot-like screenshots from SCS Official Blog about two weeks ago:

At that time when they posted that above, the real-life DAF XG in its camouflaged prototype form was already spotted before IRL about a month back before that blog post came up. Now, we can drive this in-game starting from, unlike the Renault T Evolution, its in-game release format is reversely back to the same way as what to the release of the Western Star 49X for American Truck Simulator, where the IRL truck was unveiled first before the next day, it was added to the game. So far, only XG and XG+ is available for now, the XF may come later, of course, only the 4x2 chassis is available at launch.
Nissan Z Proto

Project CARS 3 (2020)
Finally! The prototype version of soon-to-be 400Z is in this one! This is the third one on site (first one is on Drift Spirits, followed by CSR Racing 2), again like the other two games, still only as a prototype till the production version release, spy shots of the production version have already revealed before. It will carried the same V6 engine from the 370Z, except with a healthy power boost. Prices would probably around the same mark as the Toyota GR Supra.
Lincoln Continental Mark V

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
TheGreaser wrote
Is this really licensed?

This is not a DLC vehicle, so no, all cars including this from the base CMS21 gameplay are unlicensed. This car's fictional name is not yet confirmed.

In the other hand, someone made a list of the confirmed 72 fictional cars from the game's Steam Community page. Here in IGCD, I have only 69 of them listed including this, all with their confirmed names and I'm sure this is going to be named as the Zephyr L-Series as the other three are returning cars from CMS 2018, the modern Salem Spectre, the SCEO LX550 and the Tempest Magnum.

-- Last edit:
2021-05-24 10:48:16
Peugeot Partner

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Another returning car from CMS 2014, none other than the Revton Van.

This is no longer a Revton anymore, they giving it a new car brand based on Peugeot (well for now) and a proper name, this is a good eight-year old revival improvement.
Opel Corsa

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Surprise! A returning city car from CMS 2014, the Genesis Town.

Turns out they are turning Royale as CMS's lore to Opel/Vauxhall for now. Of course, Genesis is now copyrighted by Hyundai, so looks like they give a returning fictional city car from an eight-year old Car Mechanic Simulator installment some fresh new life on the Royale brand for this new installment.
Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Bolt in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018. Seems the CMS universe are bringing their own lore to Oldsmobile for now, as Edgewood is new for this series.
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Sakura in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018. Hinata is new and it is CMS's lore to Mitsubishi. Of course, they've finally brought a second gen Eclipse as the first gen Moon for that new brand, which makes sense for now.
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Royale in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018. Olsen will be now CMS's lore to Mercedes-Benz.
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Castor in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018, like its standard counterpart. Salem will be now CMS's lore to Ford.
Ford F-150

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Castor in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018. Salem will be now CMS's lore to Ford.
Ford F-100

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Smith in CMS 2018. Salem will be now CMS's lore to Ford.
Fiat Grande Punto

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Royale in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018. Rino will be now CMS's lore to Fiat.
Dodge Challenger

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Previously as a Delray in CMS 2015 and CMS 2018, seems Echos is going to be CMS's lore to Dodge.
Land-Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
Actually, that's a 2018 model, not 2015, you can see the updated DRLs, updated front grille, larger front vents and different side vents design.
Freightliner Sprinter

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
Another familiar face from American Truck Simulator, this time, it's an odd one.

Seeing SCS reusing the Forest River Solera RV from ATS to ETS 2 makes me think on what Turn10 did when they reused the AI traffic cars since Forza Horizon 2 (reusing the same '05 Subaru Legacy B4 over and over) without researching the popularity of the model nor making changes based on the market/regulations in each country it was sold. Should have been remaked instead while slapping a Mercedes grille for ETS 2 (or both ETS 2 and ATS if acceptable)

Of course, not the first time that SCS reuse something like this, they previously brought the Mercedes-Benz C-Class S204 and the Ford S-Max to American Truck Simulator, even thought both of those vehicles are not sold in the U.S.

What they are thinking on reusing this? Another copyright avoidances?
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