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Toyota Chaser

Pixel Car Racer (2016)
Looks like a little bit Lexus LS400 (Toyota Celsior)

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2016-06-23 10:10:40
Isuzu Gemini

Zero4 Champ II (1993)
JFK wrote Gemini in action!!!

In the most commercials of the Isuzu gemini uses stunts, but my most fave commercial
of the gemini is this,

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Kia Sedona

C.O.P.: The Recruit (2009)
This should be a Kia Sedona because it is set in New York.
Chevrolet Caprice

C.O.P.: The Recruit (2009)
Burn Rubber wrote
Actually this page is for the car on the left. ;)

I know this page is for the chevy caprice, but Geoman thought it was a ford windstar.
Rover CityRover

Crackdown (2007)
GamerFIB7590 wrote
Looks more like Daihatsu Ceria to me, but i don't know which is the closest one

Is that car on the first picture a Perodua?
Ford Freestyle

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (2002)
With that front and color of the car reminds me of nissan stagea [WC34],
But the rear looks like from Second Gen toyota caldina.

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Rover CityRover

Crackdown (2007)
It's a 2001-2004 daihatsu storia.
Maserati MC12

Ridge Racer 6 (2005)
Maserati MC12 body,Ferrari headlights,Aston Martin rear
Volvo 240 Estate

CarX Drift Racing (2014)
Unfortunately, this Swedish Ecto 1 disappeared when I updated the game,
Maybe it was replaced by this.😔😢😥
Rover CityRover

Crackdown (2007)
dodge1970 wrote
Reminds me of the Rover CityRover

I think he's right,maybe its a Rover CityRover, a car Designed by I.DE.A institute,
A Tata Indica with Rover badges stuck on it.
Buick Lucerne

Traffic Road Racing: Speed Car Racer with Need for Rivals (2014)
maybe a lexus or mercedes benz?
Rolls-Royce Ghost

Tales from the Borderlands (2014)
That Rolls-Royce is armoured

Muscle March (2009)
something from 1950s
Toyota Van

Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
That doesn't look like a toyota hiace, maybe it's a toyota LiteAce or
Known as toyota van in North America
Infiniti QX56

Warface (2012)
Maybe a Dodge Durango?
Infiniti QX56

Warface (2012)
The body of the SUV resembles an American SUV
Nissan Sentra

Watch Dogs (2014)
With the headlights and turn signals resembles a 3rd gen isuzu gemini
Lamborghini Gallardo

Urban Crime (2012)
ingame name-Gallopino
Ford Econoline

Urban Crime (2012)
can somebody tell me why i dont have a Box ES in my game!
Renault Twingo RS

Urban Crime (2012)
Renault 50-Series

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution (2012)
maybe thats the motorhome richard hammond used in extreme motorhome racing.1980 ford econoline midas?
Nissan Urvan

Autobahn (1997)
nissan caravan/urvan [E24]?
Chevrolet Caprice

C.O.P.: The Recruit (2009)
its not a ford! its a kia carnival. or known in your country as kia sedona.
Nissan Crew

Biohazard 6 (2012)
hey! thats not a toyota crown. its a nissan crew.

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Toyota MR-S

Top Gear: Dare Devil (2000)
but why is it called a toyota MR2 instead of toyota MRS since theres a level in tokyo
Honda Odyssey

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
for me it also looked like a honda airwave
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