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Burndown (2019)
Some kind of Hot Wheels buggy, but forgot the name though
Ford F-250

Jeep 4x4 EVO 2 (2002)
cunty19 wrote

sorry mate F250

Sonic the Hedgehog: You're too slow!
Ford E-Series

Jeep 4x4 EVO 2 (2002)
holden nut wrote
Ford Ecoline?

Actually, it's spelled as Econoline
cunty19 wrote
Ford E-Series

It has been already identified, and why are you editing it again? ._.

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2019-12-01 17:31:15
Land-Rover Defender

Jeep 4x4 EVO 2 (2002)
Land-Rover Defender or Mercedes G-Class
Chevrolet Corvette

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
Gotta say the same thing
Attacker1997 wrote
Seeing from this angle, the impression that there is no roof

At least, this is the 1st one, as convertible. The actual 1st one is this :lol:
Now i'm hoping this to be appeared in FH4 and NFS Heat :D
Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors Simulator (2017)
I wonder why this is not playable :mad:
Made for Game Hatchback

Storm Racer Gravity (2011)
Casalini M14 with CitroŽn C4 windows and Ford Fiesta/Focus front fascia
Subaru Impreza

Storm Racer Gravity (2011)
Subaru Impreza, either GD or GC chassis
Made for Game Custom Vehicle

Ridge Racer 7 (2006)
penis510 wrote

It'S tHe HOVerCrAFt vEHiClE.

Thanks for telling us that and replying to an old comment, captain obvious. I thought this vehicle was supposed to be a TIE Fighter from Ace Combat 69
Toyota Soarer

Sunset Racer 2 (2009)
Well, for several days long, i changed my mind it's a Soarer with a mix of S14 Silvia, but which idiot changed this to Soarer AND EVEN FORGOT to change the chassis and to remove the Mk field?
penis510 wrote

ToYotA SOaREr ChASsiS CodE: Z30

Why did you even say that to me? Your reply doesn't make any sense, and i suspected you as the one who edited this entry, if you said the chassis code is Z30, then you must edit it/must NOT FORGET to edit it to that one, and you must ALSO remove the Mk field as there's no any Mks in the Soarer, not just saying Z30, but not even editing it

EDIT #1 (2019-11-29 00:39:06): Changed back to Silvia instead because it's not a Soarer now
EDIT #2: Now fixed the chassis and removed Mk field

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2019-12-03 02:55:42
Aston Martin DB5

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
"BMT216A" = Reference to James Bond where he used that license plate in the movie 'Thunderball' and 'Skyfall'
Custom Made Villain Wheels

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
It is
Nissan Skyline

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) wrote
its a honda accord wagon, delete that made for game and put honda accord wagon right now!!!

The Terminator: Don't do that
Can you not? I don't want to see another Stratum Wars (: Attack of the GeneFags) again
Made for Game Convertible

QQ飞车 (2017)
pongmai510 wrote
2020 Bugatti Centodieci?

Hey, penis510, please compare the cars a little more, to be sure you are right, and stop with your goddamn useless spam
Toyota Prius

The Quiet Man (2018)
More like a Prius.

Chrysler Windsor

Driver 2: Back On The Streets (2000)
michelemassa wrote
Driv3r 1961 impala

Don't you listen to us before? And do you realize you have a mental problem?
TheGreaser wrote
Could you stop changing the ID of this car? It's clearly a 1959 Windsor as Silnev said before.

This is what i angrily told him to, but no one even agreed and they bullied me just because i told him angrily, he ACTUALLY made his own fault, by spamming and not listening to us
TheGreaser wrote
Hate it when someone is constantly changing info without fact-checking. Please do some research.

I MOSTLY hate how that happened, and anyone who's suspected as the one who constantly edited the info, but no fact-checking, must be reported and severely punished

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2019-11-21 03:57:43
Toyota Supra

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
It's pretty amazing that Toyota went back in the entire video games instead of just from Asian! :D
My wishlist for the other Toyota models:
- Toyota RSC
- 2nd gen Toyota Yaris
- All gen Toyota Innova
- All gen Toyota Avanza
- Toyota Celica [ST185, ST205, and ZZT231]
- Toyota Chaser JTCC #25 ADVAN
- Toyota Sprinter Trueno [AE86]
- Toyota Altezza
- 1st gen Toyota Fortuner
- Toyota HiAce
- Toyota Agya
- Toyota MR2
- Toyota 2000GT
- Toyota MR-S
- Toyota Soarer

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2019-11-21 03:45:45
Chevrolet Camaro

Street Drag (2012)
The name is most likely a reference to the song 'Blue Danube' composed by Johann Strauss II

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2019-11-19 05:18:31
Dodge Charger

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
hachirokutrueno wrote
Misleading information is not tolerated here.

fily wrote

I literally made my account barely 5 hours ago and thought it would've been funny if i posted a picture of it swapped in as a playable vehicle, sheesh.

Next time, please be careful while you make a joke, if you're making a joke like this, by editing an unplayable vehicle to playable, which is NOT actually playable, it won't be anything funny because doing this joke causes misleading information rather than making it fun, UNLESS if you ONLY posted in comments without editing it, it can be funny though

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2019-11-19 00:15:28
Maserati Kyalami

Street Drag (2012)
Maserati Kyalami?
Plymouth 'Cuda AAR

Street Drag (2012)
'Cuda AAR, not Hemi 'Cuda
Chevrolet Camaro Concept

Street Drag (2012)
Camaron, really? And i just noticed this car pic has an outlining error :think:
Nissan GT-R

Street Drag (2012)
GT-R Egoist? Lol, i thought that name refers to a Lambo Egoista at first

And those ugly headlights tho...

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2019-11-18 05:31:22
ZiL 157

Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End (2016)
Lada Kalina

EmergeNYC (2016)
2004-'05 Lada Kalina [1118]
Ford F-150 Raptor

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
Eiffel 65 maybe?
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Farm Manager 2018 (2018)
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, it is
Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse

EmergeNYC (2016)
Klumb3r wrote
Those 3 are cops, and in this game that goes about cops, it's not a cop... :lol:

And this one either, forgot to mention it :whistle:
Chevrolet Express

EmergeNYC (2016)
Yet the developer surnamed every playable cars, but they kept the licensed badge on every unplayable ones tho... [:halalala]
Lada Priora

EmergeNYC (2016)
Yup, 2007 Lada Priora [2170], obviously
Grumman-Olson Kurbmaster

EmergeNYC (2016)
Grumman-Olson Kurbmaster
Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse

EmergeNYC (2016)
Wrong, this is a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse [W204], same model

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2019-11-15 01:19:45
Ford Police Interceptor

EmergeNYC (2016)
If the developer added the 2002 version of this car, they would name it 'Fordis Minotaur'...
Chevrolet Impala

EmergeNYC (2016)
The ingame name got me a feeling it's a Corvette GAZelle :lol:
And i just saw the white/grey traffic hatchback at the background pic, i'd say a Daewoo Tico/Suzuki Alto, but a 3-dr version (EDIT: Nevermind, it's a VAZ Oka )

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2019-11-15 04:44:39
Chevrolet Tahoe PPV

EmergeNYC (2016)
Tahoe PPV, not Suburban, hence 'Navahoe'
Also, 'Corveche' seems like a pun of Chevy Corvette
Ford Crown Victoria

EmergeNYC (2016)
Really love this car :love: , but the surname... [:puke]

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
Renault Twingo

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
Renault Twingo X44
Ford Focus

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
2nd gen Ford Focus sedan
Chevrolet Avalanche

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
That's not a Silverado
Chevrolet Avalanche

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
TheGreaser wrote
Silverado Ambulance

Avalanche, actually
Volvo S60

Giant Machines 2017 (2016)
TheGreaser wrote
This model... Seriously, I could just rip a car from MC2, and re-master it, and it'd be better.

Yup, too many Unity models these days, and if i know, any several games have the same like this (i know i'd like to send more links, but i was too lazy since it has too many to count)
IMO, i could just rip any car from any old NFS games and remaster them as you said

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR (2018)
Too boxy to be a Chieftain, i'd say a Trabant 601
Made for Game Sedan

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR (2018)
Looks more like an Infiniti Q50 than a Quattroporte

Buick8 wrote
Ford taurus-interceptor?

Wu Zi Mu: What the-... fuck? H-how?
How in the earth it can be a Taurus/Police Interceptor? It doesn't look remotely like it and it's not even a police car!

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2019-11-03 22:58:12
Chevrolet Caprice

Gangstar: Vegas (2013)
Updated version
The 'Buy from Store' in the how to obtain it field isn't necessary. You actually can find it outside the city

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2019-10-31 13:54:05
Ford Fusion NASCAR

Gangstar: Vegas (2013)
Updated version (+ also a downloadable vehicle now)

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2019-10-31 13:49:13
Mercedes-Benz CLS

Gangstar: Vegas (2013)
Updated version
Aston Martin DB10

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (2012) wrote

no :no:, peugeot doesnt make roadsters

maybe its a lamborghini or ferrari :D

Actually, Peugeot DOES make a roadster, and it's RCZ

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2019-11-15 06:48:30
Chevrolet Camaro

Street Outlaws: The List (2019)
I wonder how the rear looks like, but i'd say a '08 - '11 Dodge Challenger at this point
Made for Game Pick-up

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2014) wrote
its a plasan sand cat, remove made for game right now and put Oshkosh Sandcat right now!!!

Madd Dogg: Excuse me, gangsta - I don't think so!
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